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5 Steps to Developing Your Winning Marketing Plan

April 25, 2011

Whether you live in Scottsdale or New York City, there is a divide between search engine marketers, public relations, and advertisers with regards to budget, strategies and overall plans. An expert in SEO will want the entire budget to focus on internet marketing, social media efforts and web design. An advertising pro will say that the budget needs to stick with traditional methods and techniques that have been steadfast through more years than the internet has even been in existence. The list goes on and one, and somehow you, as the business owner, has to decide which route is best for your business.

At Quaintise, we take a different look at these areas of marketing and seize a more multidisciplinary approach to a business’s overall strategy. Having a plan, whether it’s a public relations plan, a social media plan, or an advertising plan, is paramount to successful marketing. However, by combining all of these strategies into a comprehensive outline you can truly achieve the best outcome.

Developing a Multidisciplinary Marketing Plan

1. What are your objectives?

The first intention of your marketing plan should be to determine what your overall goals are. What do you hope to accomplish, and be incredibly specific.

For example: do you want to increase awareness in the community about your upcoming event or special? Are you hoping to increase participation in a particular program? Do you want customers to become more engaged on your Facebook Page? Are you simply trying to increase the sales of a certain product? By being painstakingly specific about what you hope this marketing plan to accomplish, you’ll set yourself up for success.

2. How will you measure this objective?

Every aspect of your marketing plan must be held accountable, quantifiable, and understandable. How will you track each objective that you set out to conquer? How will you collect irrefutable data? Who will you assign to analyze this data?

If you set up objectives that cannot be measured and analyzed, how will you ever know if the objectives are being met or not? Having the ability to track every single thing that is happening within your business, within your marketing plan, will allow you to go through it all with a fine-toothed comb. It will allow you to cut out the elements that are not proving efficient, and expand on the aspects that are proving popular and effective.

3. Set a timeline

Just as each element of your marketing plan must be calculable, each must also be time sensitive. Having a set of objectives is the foundation, measuring those objectives is the frame, and setting it all to a strict timeline are the walls that hold this marketing plan to a well devised structure.

4. Defining Your Audience

Understanding your audience is a key element in achieving your objectives. Which customer demographic are you targeting? Which audience would be be served by these objectives and engage more?

5. Communicating Your Objectives

This is where our team of marketing experts come into play, and where having a multidisciplinary team of marketing pro’s comes in very handy. Unlike a traditional public relations plan or advertising plan, at Quaintise our approach to marketing plans involves all aspects of the industry, from PR to SEO to Advertising. So, in communicating your objectives we need to truly understand which route will be the best to take to fulfill your main goals.

Is your objective perfect for online media, social media or web development? Are your goals geared more towards press releases and media coverage? Or, is your objective best served by print advertising? Will these objectives work for all disciplines of marketing and how can we incorporate each aspect?

The fifth and final step is truly where Quaintise outshines the competition with marketing plans. Since we are able to offer a variety of marketing services, and have experts from every discipline in the marketing industry, we can provide a unique perspective. Contact us for more information.