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Blog, Post, Advertise - Rinse and Repeat

June 10, 2013

facebook advertising

When talking to prospective clients about the importance of Facebook, I like to utilize the phrase blog, post, advertise, and, of course, repeat. Content marketing and social media marketing in healthcare go hand-in-hand. You cannot successfully take full advantage of content marketing strategies without integrating social media; whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. With many healthcare marketing agencies questioning the current use of Facebook in marketing and advertising, the experts at Quaintise know that without social media marketing, you are limiting your brand’s incredible potential.


Writing a blog is far more than just writing a blog in healthcare marketing. The content that you create around a given topic, promotion or industry is created with focused intentions, and it’s never just one blog. In healthcare content marketing, the first part of our blog, post, advertise strategy is, yes, the content.


When the marketing team has established a path for the month, the content experts began with keyword focused, highly educational, informative, inviting and attractive content. The content is developed with the search engines, the client, and the readers in mind. And, ultimately, it ends with a strong call to action, redirecting readers to the client’s promotion.



Here’s where we jump into the social media aspect. The post in our healthcare content marketing does not refer to a single post from a single blog – it’s up and you move on. Far too many ‘social media strategists’ and so-called social media expert agencies will run this strategy – write a single blog, post it once or twice on Facebook as a link, jump to the next topic at hand. At Quaintise, we laugh in the face of this horrible healthcare marketing strategy, or lack-there-of.


Since every blog is written with superb precision and attention to the ultimate goal, every blog should be promoted on social media outlets with pride. Each blog is combined with a custom branded photo, an image that has been created specifically for this piece of content that serves the purpose of inviting social media clicks.


Yes, social media is a very visual medium, and a simple blog post will not cut it and will not generate the engagement or the links that you will need to succeed. You absolutely need to syndicate that blog with an attractive, unique image.


And, while we’re on the subject of images, during this particular content marketing campaign, Quaintise also takes into account the look of your social media accounts. Your Facebook page will get a facelift with an appealing new Cover Photo, your Pinterest page will end up with a new board, and your Instagram feed will get a new hashtag.



In our blog, post, advertise healthcare content marketing campaigns, we utilize Facebook advertising to the fullest extend through Power Editor. By creating custom audiences, targeted ads, and enticing text calls to action, Facebook advertising with Quaintise delivers enormous results.


As you can see, there is far more that goes into a blog post, a social media update and advertising than one might expect. Contact Quaintise today to see how we can help boost your bottom line with healthcare content marketing.