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Brand-Safe Advertising Now Available on YouTube

October 11, 2012

YouTube has come a long way since it’s inception just seven years ago. Since that time, it’s become a hub for amateur video, professional video, musicians, educators, physicians, and much, much more. In terms of advertising, however, YouTube has struggled to meet the needs of potential advertisers. Healthcare marketing clients would consistently run the high risk of producing advertising content for pages with amateur videos, perhaps unpredictable and brand-tarnishing amateur videos.


But, all that has changed with YouTube’s recent makeover. And with the integration of YouTube Channels, where content is professionally created, predictable, targeted to a specific audience, brands can feel safe purchasing advertising space.


Healthcare Marketing and Brand-Safe Advertising

Purchasing ad space and developing advertising copy depends greatly on the platform you are advertising on as well as the audience you are targeting. Healthcare marketing success depends on choosing not only the right medium for advertising, but also the perfect website and ad placement.


An expert healthcare marketing firm would need to consider the overall message of the company, brand or video that it chooses to advertise on, because in  reality where you advertise affects the way people will interpret your brand message. You brand will be considered guilty by association and will be automatically and perhaps even subconsciously placed into the context of the entire page or video that contains the ad.


As a brand manager, you must have complete control over not only the message within the ad, but the influence of the overall message on that specific web page, video or magazine article. For example, poor ad placement in healthcare marketing would be an OBGYN advertisement placed in a men’s sporting magazine. Just as an OBYGN video message that runs before an amateur hunting video would be poor placement.


And that’s just what would happen in the early days of YouTube advertising. Brands had limited control over what type of video their ad would run on. The risk was  too high, which is one looming reason why YouTube’s $2 billion in advertising revenue in 2011 was dwarfed by the $60 billion television ad revenue.


Youtube Channels and Advertising

However, with the launch of YouTube Channels, many media moguls are predicting a shift in advertising. This shift will account for all industries, including healthcare marketing, where instead of taking huge risks in terms of ad placement and brand messaging, YouTube has given physicians, hospitals and insurance companies control over their brand message again. The unpredictability has been removed, and the money will began to poor in, or so YouTube hopes.


Citigroup estimates an increase in revenue this year for YouTube at over 50%! How is this possible, you ask? Research over the recent months, through 2011-2012, has shown a dramatic shift in viewership from traditional television to web-based programs. According to Nielsen, there has been an “unusual dip in TV viewing” and an increase in the amount of time people are “playing video games and watching Web video.”


By providing “high-quality” shows that are “brand-safe” for advertisers, YouTube can offer premium adds in a whole new environment. Healthcare marketing firms around the nation are keeping a close eye on this development and those YouTube Channels that will target their specific audience. Digital advertising in healthcare is a medium that has not yet been fully realized. Give us a call today if it’s time to take that jump into the digital realm with Quaintise.


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