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Content Marketing - Training Your Brain to Blog

April 6, 2011

Beyond the 3 Steps to Expert Blogging, beyond the keywords, the branding strategies, the marketing plans, public relations and the written words, there is the mindset of a blogger. A true blogger does not think like the rest of us. A true blogger is always thinking of what will make the next great blog, what will grab the audience and hold them on the website. Training your brain to blog is a whole different ball game.


Yesterday we talked about some very important steps to creating some wonderful blogs, but I wanted to spend a little more time on the actual process of training your brain to blog. If you are an athlete, your brain is trained to eat the right foods, exercise, and push itself to the limits. If you’re a writer, your brain knows when it’s time to switch in to ‘writing’ mode and push everything else in life aside. If you are changing your habits in any way, it takes time and training to ‘get your mind right,’ as they say.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve helped a local small business build a brand and a marketing plan, only to have it sit stagnant as they get lost in work and forget about the marketing side of things. When they receive a wonderful testimonial, perform a tricky procedure, even have an in office party, they never think about the marketing possibilities. This is where training your brain comes in handy.


Train your brain to notice those things that will make a great status update on Facebook, or a great little video, picture show or blog. If you’ve received a testimonial, don’t save it for later, get that good news up on your site, your blog or Facebook page. If anything out of the ordinary happens, blog about it. If you’re having a fundraiser, blow that topic up on your social networks.


Training your brain to constantly notice possible status updates and blogs is not easy, it takes time and hard work, but it’s crucial to keeping your blogs fresh and your social profiles up-to-date.