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Creating a Personalized Brand Experience

July 12, 2011

I love Pandora, and here’s why; it’s personalized to my style of music. I put in a few songs or artists that I enjoy, and Pandora puts together an entire array of stations to fit my personal preference. I love Google because it is looking to do the same thing, personalize my search experience to fit my needs. These are strong messages that you should be paying attention to as you sit down to consider your brand advertising and marketing. Personal experience, custom brand options, and fulfilling promises will set your business apart from the rest.


The Personalized Experience

Creating a personal and authentic brand experience is essential in today’s marketing environment to create your product or service stand out. Authenticity and maintaining a genuine promise to your Fans is something we talk about often here at Quaintise, but as advertisers and marketers who have been in the business for quite some time, we can’t stress enough the importance of creating an authentic brand experience.


On any given day, individuals are exposed to nearly 3,000 media messages, most of which they’ll not even realize they’re being exposed to. Approximately 52 of those media messages will actually be recognized by the consumer, and of those only 4 will be somewhat remembered. Where is the personalization in those messages? How is your business providing a positive brand experience on these media platforms? Are you integrating the marketing and advertising?


“The future of marketing will be more like the past than you could ever imagine.” – Author Unknown


The days back when a handshake and good customer service were all you needed are coming back, yet in a very different way. Personalized service means that when you walk into a clothing store, each section of the store is custom tailored to that individual style. You walk to the left, you get men’s casual clothing set in the atmosphere of fun. You walk farther back to the business attire and you see professionally dressed store clerks. These stores can go so far as to have an expert on every business suit and shoe in the store. This is part of the personalized brand experience that this particular business might employ.


If you were to visit a website that sells pet products, you wouldn’t want to see information about bird food on a page that is catered to dog owners. Likewise, you wouldn’t want to see senior dog food on a page that is targeted to puppy owners. Everything on that page should be catered to a pet owner with a puppy, tips for potty training, chew toys, and specific puppy food. Perhaps to personalize it a bit more you’d add information about protecting your puppies in the hot Arizona summer sun, or keep your puppies warm in a frigid Minnesota winter based upon the geotag of your web visitors IP address.


There is a reason that many gyms have a very high turn around rate for both employees and members; impersonalized experiences. Every machine in every gym is the same, and not catered to any particular person, size, gender, or activity level. You can customize your settings, but that leaves you up to creating your own experience at that gym. However, if this gym is question personalizes your brand experience through recognition of your specific health concerns, areas of the gym for targeted audiences, motivational members and social media engagement, it can lower its turnover rate.


How to Personalize Your Brand

First of all, get a professional team of marketers and advertisers to help you nail this one down. You’ll really need to actively understand your target audience, not just their age and gender, but what they’re hobbies and interests are. Analysis of audience demographics is a long and arduous process. Contact us for more information.