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Determining the Best Advertising Tone

February 28, 2013


According to a new study conducted by Lab 42, humor sells far better than anything, even the age old adage that ‘sex sells’. The study interviewed 500 respondents with the simple question “Does it really ad up?” The results might not be what you’d expect.

  • 71% said a funny ad makes them more likely to remember a product
  • 12% said an educational add made them remember the product
  • 8% said sexy
  • 4% said serious
  • 3% said patriotic

Here’s what’s interesting; 56% of the respondents who favored humorous ads were women, notoriously the medical decision-makers of the home. An unsurprising 92% of the respondents who chose sexy ads were men. Also interesting, 31% percent of respondents (59% of that number women) thought an ads purpose is to “make me aware of new products.” So, which avenue of advertising should you company engage in?

Medical advertising and marketing play a crucial role in helping people understand what tools are available to them to get better, make the right healthcare decisions, and seek the right treatments. As a physician, if you make a great product or engage in expert services, why not share that news in the most effective way possible?

At Quaintise, we’ll help you determine not only the best advertising and marketing platforms, but the right tone to set. Is it educational, humorous or dramatic?

A good advertisement or marketing campaign needs to take solid, meaningful data, the facts, and feature it in a way that is compelling, persuasive, and perhaps humorous, so that consumers and patients can reap the greatest benefits from it.

In early 2012 the CDC launched an incredibly dramatic, controversial stop smoking campaign, showing graphic images of smokers who had developed cancer and other life-threatening illnesses from smoking. This healthcare advertising campaign took the exact opposite route then the result above show, and yet had amazing results. According to USA Today, health official said the anti-smoking campaign led to a doubling of calls to many local toll-free lines to help people quite cigarettes. The dramatic, educational campaign worked, and it worked well.

The marketing professionals at Quaintise understand that every advertising campaign is different, and your ultimate goal is to increase volume through your front door. Give Quaintise a call today to schedule an appointment with our team!

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