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Facebook Integration Just got a Boost

June 14, 2012

In terms of branding and marketing, going social can be a scary proposition for many companies. Going social means opening yourself up to criticism, possibly some bad reviews, and the completely unpredictable. However, going social can also mean reaching a greater audience, increasing your brand equity, and always being a part of the trending scene. From medical marketing in Scottsdale to Fortune 500 companies in New York, there’s always more room for social integration, and with a recent Wordpress/Facebook announcement the possibilities are endless.


Why Go Social?

The numbers don’t lie, and though we’ve seen Facebook take a hit in the recent months, there are still over 700 million Facebook accounts, and whether you’re a local business or a national chain, there is no reason not to be on Facebook. From a marketing perspective, Facebook holds endless possibilities to connect with local fans and reach a whole new audience. With a Facebook Business page, you have the power to maintain your brand image, respond to reviews, encourage new ideas to be brought forth, and become more than just a product or service for your fans. With social media, you have the power to become something greater than what your services or products, you have an opportunity to break barriers of marketing, to engage with your audience like never before.


Going social requires a new mindset for brand marketing. If you are going social DIY-style, it requires a constant adherence to possibilities. For example, yesterday you might have had a customer walk in wondering about peanut butter-banana ice cream. Well, you don’t have that ice cream but you want to find out if people would be interested. So today you ask your social fans. Maybe yesterday you helped to deliver a miracle baby. Today, that miracle mom just posted on your Facebook Wall a picture of the miracle baby for everyone to see. Nothing beats that for marketing.


How To Integrate Your Website

Facebook and Wordpress have teamed up to allow amazing integration between your blog and your social media accounts. This new easy-integration will give social media marketers greater insight into how fans react to blog posts, what topics encourage the most engagement, and who’s talking.


Since this announcement hit the wires this morning, news outlets, tech blogs, and every brand marketing firm in the country has been buzzing. According to, the plugin (Facebook/Wordpress Plugin) allows users of both platforms to cross-post their Wordpress content (blogs/articles) to their timeline profiles and pages they manage, as well as to add the names of pages or friends to the posts.


In the past, programmers have used tricks of the trade to integrate Facebook into their websites. Today, with this announcement, a single plugin will give amazing capabilities to all marketers. Wordpress is a web content system that over 16% of all websites all built on. The Wordpress free service, which allows users to own a free blogging domain, attracts over 600 million visitors each month.


Why Integrate Facebook with Wordpress?

Facebook and Wordpress go hand-in-hand, like peanut butter and jelly or baseball and hot dogs. Each time you publish new content, your goal is to get that content viewed, talked about, shared, liked, and commented on. So, you post that content to Facebook, you tag people or businesses that might be interested in that content, you post that content on specific Facebook pages, and you do what you can to promote that content. With Facebook/Wordpress Plugin integration, you can now do all of that from one source while at the same time encouraging those who visit your site to engage with you on a whole new level.


This plugin allows marketers to publish content not only directly on their blog, but publish that content to their Facebook Business Page, any other Facebook Page, and the Open Graph all at once. It also syncs any blog comments with Facebook, so that when a Fan leaves a comment on your website blog it will automatically appear directly on Facebook for everyone to see. One of the greatest perks of this new Facebook/Wordpress Plugin is that all promotion, comments, likes and shares are SEO friendly.


Did I lose you? Social media integration can be tricky, and though this new announcement does make integration more ‘user friendly’ it can still be quite confusing. If we did lose you, don’t hesitate to give us a call to go over how social media marketing can improve your brand equity.