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Halloween Marketing - Oh the Possibilities

October 31, 2011

Every holiday is a business opportunity. Have you heard that line before? “Everyone knows that Halloween was invented by the candy companies to make a buck…” We know the reality of that not to be entirely true. However, there is enormous opportunity in holiday marketing if you are able seamlessly weave your brand storyline into a holiday message.


Halloween Storytelling

If you’re in retail, this is your time of year. Besides all of the Christmas shopping that’s going on, Halloween is all about decorations, candy, costumes, parties, drinks, foods, and fun. There are a multitude of possibilities for your brand during Halloween, but you need to be smart about this form of marketing. Consider the following questions:


• Are you a church, hospital, undertaker or dentist? These industries will need to tread incredibly lightly around the issues that Halloween can bring up. Even as you market for Halloween and steer clear of unintentional issues related to Halloween, this might not be the right holiday for you to take on.


Many dentists can be very successful at taking advantage of this holiday by marketing in a different direction. Your story will no-doubt have to do with healthy teeth, which does not necessarily go hand-in-hand with Halloween candy. Consider holding a candy drop-off event, where kids and parents can participate in dropping off their candy and perhaps getting some educational materials on healthy teeth.


Churches have also turned Halloween into a marketing opportunity by providing a holiday alternative; the Fall Festivals. These festivals are a great way for churches to remain relevant and in front of their audience, while maintaining their overall storyline.


• Who is your audience? Do you cater to a crowd that is sensitive to the issues that Halloween can bring up? Is your audience open to Halloween marketing; ghosts, pumpkins, costumes and more.


• Does your geographical location allow for cross promotion between Fall Festivals, haunted houses, or candy stores? Can you integrate some cross-promotion into your Halloween marketing plans without veering from your brand message?



• Could a Halloween ghost story help or hurt you? Is it possible to tweak your story a bit to incorporate a haunted history, just for this one occasion?


Five Easy Halloween Marketing Ideas

If you are able to weave some Halloween marketing into your story without veering from your brand message, here are some simple and effective ideas:


• Pumpkins Everywhere – The easiest thing that you can do is incorporate some pumpkins into your shop décor. Pumpkins are festive, unassociated with the death aspects of Halloween, and easy to get your hands on.


• Sponsor A Festival – Every small town and big city has not only haunted houses, but Fall Festivals. Talk to the promoters and sponsor this event. Make sure that your business name is clearly seen by those in attendance. Have some branded candy bags or décor available as well.


• Holiday Foods – If you own a local restaurant or grocery store, incorporate some seasonal foods onto your menu. Pumpkin pies, pumpkin brisk, carrot cakes, and hot chocolate are wonderful seasonal foods that will keep fans returning to your store.