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Healthcare Infographics: Visually Appealing and Effective Data

October 11, 2013

Healthcare Info-Graphics Los Angeles


You’ve no doubt seen them but had little understanding of their underlining purpose. Infographics have been a small detail in healthcare marketing for only a few years, but are growing to become a far more visually appealing form of content marketing then simple pie and bar graphs. In fact, from 2010 through 2012, Google search volume for infographics has increased by over 200%! Let’s dig in and find out why…

Healthcare Numbers Made Visually Attractive

One of the biggest draws for infographics in healthcare is the simple fact that health and wellness can be overwhelming, the statistics can be confusing, and let’s face it, understanding everything that your doctor tells you can be nearly impossible. Physicians have their own language, and yet infogaphics can put that language and those scary statistics into pleasant illustrations.

One of the goals of Quaintise healthcare marketing is to simply translate complicated health issues into relevant, patient-centric messages. Infographics allow healthcare marketing agencies to do that; to essentially illustrate to convey complex information to an audience in a form that can be easily understood.

  • Short Attention Span – A patient and consumer will make a determination on a website or print advertisement within 2 to 4 seconds. That doesn’t leave much time to convey a complicated message or provide intricate health solutions. Infographics can accomplish this.
  • Visual Absorption – Many studies and sources have pointed out that humans are visual learners. In fact, between 83 and 90 percent of all learning occurs visually. If you are trying to communicate an imperative message such as the importance of mammograms during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the statistics can get lost in the mix. Use an infographic to organize the message while still communicating the statistics.
  • Willingness to Read – Research has found that color visuals can increase the willingness to read a page or brand message by up to 80%!
  • Comprehension Rates – A study was recently conducted on patients comprehension of medicine labels. The results were remarkable: 70% rate of understanding labels with text only  and a 95% rate of understanding medicine labels with text and pictures.
  • Viral – Because of all of the above keys to inforgaphics, they are far more likely to go viral then any other form of content marketing. Engagement levels with infographics are through the roof, which should be reason enough in itself to get started with infographics.
  • Increased Traffic - Business and doctors that utilize infographics increase website traffic an average of 12% more than those who do not use infographics.
  • Engagement: Studies have shown that using infographics in blogs can increase engagement with that blog by 47%.

How To Get Started With Infographics

Just as with any healthcare marketing campaign, you must start with a plan and goal. What do you want this infographic to accomplish? What message to you want it to convey?

  • The Message – If you’ve been developing content for marketing already, you should have a pretty good idea of the message you want to convey, and the content to put together to convey it.
  • Copywriting – Infographics are short on text, big on visuals. So, pull together the content you want to convey and pick out the most important pieces, the summary or the stats. This is where you want to pull the key points for the healthcare infographic.
  • Design – Here’s where it gets tricky. Use the tools that are available, like,, or Pcktochart. These tools make it easy to break down a complicated issue and translate it into something visual.
  • Promotion – Promote this infographic everywhere, from fliers and posters within your medical offices to your social media pages, blog, even new landing pages on your website. If it goes viral, has a clear message, and appeals to the right audience, just one infographic can change your entire marketing campaign.

If all of this wasn’t enough motivation to get started with infographics, talk to the healthcare marketing experts at Quaintise. We’ll get it started for you.