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Improve the Patient Experience with Big Data

August 5, 2013

Big Data in Healthcare Marketing

If you see beauty in efficiency – the type of efficiency that brings tears to your eyes – you’ll want to jump on the Big Data bandwagon. In fact, with data scientists who specialize in the healthcare marketing field, efficiency in marketing and targeting can become much like a Beethoven masterpiece, eloquently woven together like a tapestry of perfection to yield amazing results. And since Quaintise has recently brought on a superb data scientist to augment client sales and efficiency, we thought we’d run a little recap on how Big Data can be used to work miracles.

How Can Physicians Use Big Data for a Better Patient Experience?

Large corporations like IBM and Apple have been using Big Data for quite some time now, and with great success. UPS has been running it’s ‘logistics’ campaign for some time now, marketing it’s incredible ability to track absolutely everything in it’s industry to obtain that Big Data and put it to efficient use.


The time has come for physicians and specialists on the local level to take Big Data and utilize it for their own grand purposes. Looking to decrease patient wait time? Increase patient volume? Customize a patient’s visit to enhance the patient experience? Personalize your waiting and patient rooms to improve a patient’s comfort level? Enrich your communication with patients so to increase overall engagement, trust and credibility? These are just a few of the options that can be achieved with Big Data. The possibilities are truly endless.


There was a time when physicians would go door-to-door and visit patients on their level. Every single visit was unique and personalized to every single patient. Physicians literally had each patient’s medical history memorized, and many times their entire family’s medical history memorized, simply because instead of the hundreds of patients doctors see today, physicians of the past saw a dozen or so.


Big Data is bringing personalization back to medicine by allowing doctors more insight into patient’s needs. Big Data is allowing doctors deliver services the patient’s want, resulting in more loyal patients and a greater patient experience.


Improve the Patient Experience with Big Data

Specifically speaking, what can you do with Big Data?


1. Target Better – Marketing becomes easier with Big Data, it’s that simple. When you know exactly who to target, how to cater that that target demographic, and what message to send, your conversions increase, your sales increase, and your patient volume sky-rockets. If you can bring on a data scientist to tell you exactly who your most engaged, appreciative and loyal patients are, you can target that pattern of individuals and thus increase your loyal patient base.


2. Stretch Your Budget – With a more targeted demographic comes a greater ROI and ‘bang for your buck,’ so to speak. For example, in terms of Facebook Marketing, your Cost Per Click in Advertising greatly depends upon who you’re targeting. With a hyper-focused demographic, your CPC drops dramatically, and your conversions increase. Thus, you’re seeing a greater Return on Investment simply because of instead of paying $2.00 per Click you’re paying under $0.20!


3. Increase Loyalty – Bringing on new patients is extremely important, but retaining those patients throughout the generations is just as important, if not more-so. With that said, Big Data can tell you some very pertinent aspects and interests of your patients, which can help you create a more personalized experience for them. For example, Big Data, if analyzed effectively by a data scientist, can literally tell you if you need to renovate your waiting room, if you need to upgrade your patient rooms, if your staff and nurses are getting the job done, and if your bed-side manner is up to par.


With Quaintise’s new data scientist, we now have the remarkable ability to analyze your Big Data and develop new, innovative campaigns with amazing results. Call today for more information.