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Instant Engagment Marketing

September 27, 2011

Instant engagement is the key to a brand’s success in the future of social media marketing. Creating that brand experience when a consumer walks into your store is one thing, and still extremely important, however creating that instant connection and experience with a potential Fan online is equally, if not more important.


Instant engagement marketing is not a new concept; however with the new Facebook its strategies are new. When a consumer sees an advertisement or walks into a brand’s establishment, that consumer will make a decision within 7 to 17 seconds. On F8, where simply hovering your mouse over a live-streaming status updates can give you instant access to a brand, I’m going to guess with confidence the decision to check out that brand is made within less than 3 seconds.


You must have a strong brand message with some very strong brand advocates in order to be successful at instant engagement marketing. If your brand message comes across as confusing, weak or unrealized, that instant brand recognition is lost and your engagement marketing strategies will fail. F8 forces brands to reinvent their engagement marketing plans to maintain active engagement between the brand and brand advocates. Get creative, get a Facebook developer who can create Canvas Apps, use contests (with the F8 update, photos are more important now than ever before), and sit down with your marketing team to discuss possible instant engagement options.