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Integrated Advertising, Don't Be Afraid to Go Big

June 21, 2011

“We can't stuff the genie back in the bottle, and wishing it would all slow down is also not a viable strategy, so how do we compete against a seemingly infinite universe of competitors?” – Don Meek, EVP/Tribune Digital at Tribune Company


Integrating your brand through every medium that you chose to utilize for advertising is the answer to this question, and at Quaintise we are experts at integrated advertising here in Arizona. Integrated advertising, also called integrated marketing, is the idea that your brand message and theme must transcend into every aspect of your campaign, from your website and social media efforts, to your promotional materials, signage, even employee attire. All aspects of your integrated marketing campaign must be seamless and symmetrical.


Integrated Ad Campaigns

An integrated ad campaign begins with a vision, a brand message, and the market research that shows you which avenues to follow. From our experience with Scottsdale marketing campaigns, clients tend to get so excited about the possibilities of new media that they forget about the amazing benefits from ‘traditional’ media. Traditional media is not dead. If done effectively, print combined with TV and online marketing can reap wonders for any brand.


Integrated advertising is the successful execution of a single brand message across a multitude of platforms. The combination of seamless marketing across social media, websites, banner ads, online video, print, signage, and TV creates a surge of interest and has the power to turn your brand into a trending topic.


Many brands fail to realize that so –called ‘traditional,’ even ‘dead,’ advertising mediums can be used quite successfully if integrated with a full marketing plan that includes all forms of advertising. Take Budweiser’s Real Men of Genuis campaign that ran on the radio, a form of advertising that many consider to be fruitless.


Some of the greatest campaigns of the past two years have successfully integrated all aspects of advertising. Integrated advertising not only increases your brand awareness and thus brand equity, it encourages engagement. An audience that is engaged with your product, talking about it with friends, following your campaign online, is more likely to buy your product or use your services than a competitor.


Still Afraid of Integrated Marketing?

Many clients are afraid of integrated advertising campaigns. Launching that many advertising mediums at once seems incredibly daunting, hard to track, and difficult to maintain. In reality, marketing campaigns that are integrated across a variety of mediums are quantifiably more successful, can actually save a client money in the long run, and makes far better use of their marketing budget.


Other brands and business owners fear ‘new media’ forms of advertising, while others fear ‘traditional’ mediums of advertising. In order to be successful at integrated marketing, all forms of advertising must be considered and used to their fullest extent.