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Marketing For A New Medical Generation

March 22, 2011

Healthcare marketing is a growing field, which is a wonderful thing if you are at the receiving end of the marketing benefits. However, as reimbursement rates decrease, healthcare discussions rage, insurance premiums strike the middle-class, and competition rises even as the market remains unstable, your best bet is having strong practice representation.

At Quaintise, our highly skilled team of branding and marketing professionals has extensive experience in OB/GYN marketing, dermatology marketing, plastic surgery marketing, and medi spa marketing, all decidedly competitive and yet fundamental practices of modern medicine.

As the healthcare reform debate continues, and physicians are looking for ways to expand their offices and practices, many are either turning to boutique medicine, gynecology, or plastic surgery. As physicians modify their practices and disciplines, so should they modify their marketing strategies.

For example, an OB/GYN would market differently than a general practice physician or a dermatologist. They would brand themselves with pinks and purples, have a logo that insights trust and tenderness, create social media campaigns around motherhood, aging gracefully, and women’s issues, create support groups and forums for women, monitor site behavior for traffic demographics to form better marketing objectives, and much more.

And as changes in healthcare began to take effect, so should changes in your overall brand message. Whether you are converting to a combined practice of dermatology, plastic surgery and a medi spa, or you’re just sticking with your general practice, the competition will continue to grow and continue to market themselves against you.

Ultimately, what you need is practice representation in the form of medical marketing that will grow your brand, enhance your patient load, and increase your overall revenue.