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The Medium Is The Message, Or Is It?

May 16, 2012

The medium is the message has always been a steady chant in the back of every Scottsdale advertiser's mind, urging us all to remember how important not just the message itself is, but the medium as well. But in an environment where social media can influence the masses, it’s interesting to note the role not of the medium itself (aka Facebook) or the message, but the messenger.


The Message is the Messenger

Sometimes it’s not what’s getting said, but who’s saying it. WE know this is true in many areas of life, from politics to entertainment. But a recent Forbes article, tied closely to a study conducted by the Huffington Post, associates the message response more with the messenger themselves, rather than the medium. Let’s simplify this a bit…


People in advertising, or ‘advertising people’ as Forbes says, have become their own medium. On Facebook, advertising people, not to be confused with advertisers, post photos first, break stories through blogs first, share interesting ideas first, and get the ball rolling before anyone else. Advertising people have literally become their own ‘bonafide medium,’ according to Forbes.


People in advertising, such as our family here at Quaintise, tend to have large social circles on social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. They tend to be trend setters in terms of fashion, music and food. They aren’t afraid to speak their mind, and can be incredibly creative when doing so. And, most importantly of all, they share, share, share information that spreads like wildfire on social media. It’s not so much the message that advertising people are sharing, but the simple fact that they are sharing it makes it important.


How This Affects Your Marketing Campaigns

Of course, you’re wondering what this has to do with your business marketing plans and social media campaigns. If you haven’t figured it out already, advertising people have great influence. Social media marketing works greatly through influence that generates engagement that ultimately increases brand growth.


Your goal is to ‘reach and inspire’ these advertising people, according to Forbes. These advertising people have connections, have influence, and one Share of your content onto their Wall can literally mean endless possibilities in terms of audience reach. Create something unique, creative, and rousing, then push it out to any advertising people you are aware of on Facebook.


Guess what, we’re advertising people right here in Scottsdale! Need help reaching your audience on TV, in print, on the radio, the web or social media? We can help!