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The New Facebook - F8

September 26, 2011

The entire world is talking about Facebook today. Many of them are grumbling, many of them are confused, and many of them are vowing to jump over to Google Plus. So, for the purposes of our short and sweet Friday article, let’s set the record straight on the new Facebook changes.


Facebook Ticker

Yesterday afternoon, Mark Zuckerberg announced some huge changes that are coming to Facebook, some of which have already been implemented. The Facebook Ticker is that new addition you see in the upper-right-hand corner of your News Feed. This is a constantly moving stream of activity, a live streaming feed of everything that your Friends are doing. In time, this will be your quick connection to TV episodes your Friends like, music they’re listening too, and most importantly Brands that they are talking about.

News Feed

As you’ve probably noticed, your News Feed has changed. While it has always categorized and personalized stories based on “EdgeRank” and “Top Stories,” now you have complete control over that customization. Facebook is giving you absolute control over when stories you want in your Top Stories, and which ones you don’t care much about. If that little blue triangle is in the upper-left-hand-corner of a News Feed Story, that means Facebook thinks it’s a Top Story for you. If you remove that triangle, you are telling Facebook that you disagree.


Facebook Timeline

While brand marketers will say that the new Canvas Apps and News Feed are the bread and butter of this Facebook update, common Facebook users will eventually say that the new Timeline feature is the star. Soon, the Facebook Profile Page that you have come to know and love will be no longer. The new Timeline feature looks nothing like the old Profile Page.


Timeline allows users to categorize their entire life, from the moment they were born to that very moment on Facebook. It allows users to highlight important moments in their life, favorite photos, updates, and more. It is completely customizable, and privacy settings are easily accessible.


Brand marketers on Facebook are dealing with a whole new beast. Just yesterday, Facebook engagement was all about getting “Likes.” Today, Facebook engagement is about getting Fans to actually talk about your Brand. It’s a whole new ball game, and marketing professionals are going to have to come up with some innovative ways to engage their audience like never before.