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TV Advertising and Consistent Branding

August 11, 2011

Creating, developing, and producing a TV commercial is a process that few can accomplish effectively. The progression from client-agency meeting, to marketing briefing and strategy, to brainstorming and client presentation, to drawing board and final revisions, can sometimes seem endless. The creative process is extremely involved, but done right this form of advertising can reap amazing benefits and financial gain for the client and company brand.

Staying Genuine To Your Brand

I’m getting ahead of myself in the production process here, but I want to point out how important it is to stay true to your brand message. This is the most important asset that you company has, more vital than any product, service or investor. When it comes down to it, your brand message, the company promise to your audience, must be consistent throughout every creative process.
Increasing Brand Awareness via TV Advertising

If you have the right team, and an expert advertising firm, it is possible to integrate your brand image, logo, colors, symbols, insignia, and other items seamlessly into your TV advertisement without overdoing it. The commercial must be consistent with not only your brand message, but absolutely everything associated with your brand. All imagery that is in any way connected to your brand, either online, in print, or on TV, must be consistent. Starbucks wouldn’t run a print advertisement or a TV commercial with hues of red and blue, would they? That would confuse and contradict their brand imagery.

When developing your own TV commercial, find something unique that sticks in the minds of your viewers and tie it in with your brand. Remember, in addition to any physical aspects, such as colors or logos, your brand also directly associates your products and services in a consumer's mind with a specific set of expectations when used or purchased, so make sure all these elements make it into your ad. This branded vision can be one of the most valuable elements of your commercial. –

Being Unique and Consistent

In creating your TV commercial, it is possible to be unique and memorable while still sticking to your brand message. Take the Old Spice commercials, for example. This marketing campaign has been insanely successful both on TV and online. Why? Because it is unique, it is entertaining, it is completely relevant to today’s humor, and it is consistent with Old Spice’s brand image.

Up next, steps to follow when producing your own TV commercial.