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Understanding a Company Brand Audit

April 16, 2011

A brand audit should be done by a trusted and experienced advertising agency or marketing agency in Phoenix; one with public relations knowledge, a deep understanding of practice management, and effective communication skills for the business consultations. In Phoenix, you’ll come across quite a few companies who claim to be proficient in the area of brand management and consulting, however when push comes to shove and your money is on the line, you have to know that you’re going with the best.


What is a Brand Audit?


A brand audit is an analysis of a company’s brand and its brand, brand management and marketing strength.  It examines brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.  It evaluates brand growth opportunities through brand repositioning or brand extension.  The brand audit’s goal is to provides a reference point for making proposals to improve brand equity, brand positioning, and brand management.  In order to communicate effectively with the target audience, a public relations or marketing agency firm in Phoenix will evaluate if your brand is making a splash, or sinking to the bottom.


Why You Need a Brand Audit


When you buy a new car here in Phoenix, Arizona, hopefully you’ve put a lot of time and thought into getting the best deal. You know exactly what model, maker, body style, even color you want and the price range that it should be in. With all the time spent on buying the car, you want to keep it running so you make sure to get those oil changes as scheduled. Your business brand is no different.


Whether you’ve created the business brand on your own, or you had a public relations firm in Phoenix create one for you, in order to keep things “running smoothly” you’ll want to “check the oil” every now and then.  Quaintise has seen many companies’ creative brand message lose their market position as times change and they neglect to update their message.


As trends, technology and marketing strategies change, so must aspects of your brand. If the brand is strong, and the marketing firm devised a well-built, and yet flexible, brand for your business, most changes will simply need to be cosmetic to keep the message fresh and effective.


Brand Audit Checklist


  • Brand Strategy -- Is the business brand messaging strategy still effective? Is it still communicating a message that engages the target audience? A public relations or marketing firm in Phoenix will be able to gauge that for you in the brand audit. 
  • Brand Audience – Is the brand still targeting the right audience? Is this audience still attracted to the product or service? Do new products need to be tested on different audiences to determine sentiment?
  • Brand Sentiment – A Phoenix marketing agency will evaluate how customers, competitors, business partners, vendors, and the audience as a whole feel about the brand and the company. The agency will monitor the sentiment surrounding the business brand.
  • Internal Brand Analysis – How is the brand identified internally by employees? The marketing agency will interview employees to determine internal sentiment. A brand is only as good as the strategy and the people behind the strategy, and if employees do not feel the brand is effectively communicating the message, it will be something to look into.
  • Market Investigation – What is the market doing? What is the industry doing? What is trending in your industry that will affect your business brand?



These are all things that marketing agencies in Scottsdale and Phoenix will consider when running a brand audit for your Arizona company. For more information on brand marketing and brand audits, contact us today.