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3 Steps to Exceed Your Patient's Expectation

March 20, 2014


Every experience your patient’s have with your brand is an opportunity to impress; to exceed their expectations by focusing on the details that the practice down the street is overlooking. It’s not always about the numbers; how many patients you’ve seen in a day or have booked for tomorrow. Successful healthcare marketing involves going above and beyond what you’re expected to do, but creating the greatest patient experience you can.

Here’s how the team at Quaintise would advise you to truly stand out among the crowd:


1. Align with Your Brand: Before beginning your healthcare marketing, before even beginning to build your business, you need to have a keen understanding of what your brand stands for – it’s vision and values. What is your brand promise? How will you deliver on that brand promise day in and day out for years to come?


Inconsistencies in your brand message and brand delivery can weaken the credibility of you brand and cast a shadow upon the trust between the patient and the physician. Brand inconsistencies across any medium, from digital media to print media, even the color scheme in your front office and the artwork on your walls, can weaken brand reputation.


2. Know Your Audience: At Quaintise, we can’t stress this enough. Not only do you need to know who your target audience is, you must also know who your audience is not. A key mistake that many physicians run into is the desire to appeal to everyone, thus building healthcare marketing plans on the concept of attracting a wide audience. This might sound like the best plan of action, but, in reality, it will steer your brand in the wrong direction, and once again weaken brand reputation. Without knowing the audience, it is difficult to provide a clear differentiator in the marketplace.


When building your brand, take some time to truly understand who your products and services can help. What problem does your core audience have, and how can you solve that problem? If you can answer that one question, you should have no problem whittling down a broad audience and focusing on those who truly matter.


3. Focus on the Details: This is where many healthcare organizations, both large and small, run into problems, overlooking the simple fact that details make all the difference. The practice down the street is limiting themselves by focusing only on the grander concepts of healthcare marketing and the patient experience, which leaves the door wide open for you to exceed patient expectations.


It might seem small, but the type of scrubs your staff wears matters. The artwork in your office matters. The chairs in your waiting room matter. The words your front desk staff and nurse uses matters. It’s not just the check-in process, the check-up and the check-out that matters, it’s everything in-between the lines that make all the difference.


These three tips might seem inconsequential, but in the race to remain relevant and respected in this crazy healthcare market, it’s these elements that will ensure you exceed patient expectations every time! Give the experts at Quaintise a call for more information.