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5 Ways Physicians Can Integrate Social Media with Existing Marketing

April 4, 2014


By now you know how important social media marketing is for your practice. Beyond simply driving traffic to your website, you should also know by now that Facebook can be used to collect Big Data and narrow down your audience to most effective segment. But, if you’ve already been running a healthcare marketing campaign how do you go about integrating something as complicated as social media into your running strategies? Let the pro’s at Quaintise walk you through it.

1. Twitter for Patient Q&A

Instead of utilizing Twitter as just another avenue for content promotion and linking it to autopost from your Facebook Page, consider adding Twitter as a communication tool between your physicians, staff and patients. Consider creating a Twitter account strictly for improving the patient experience and increasing transparency and availability.

2. Email with Social Media

Many of the healthcare companies and practices that we get involved with here at Quaintise have some sort of newsletter or email system set in place already. The key is utilizing that system to it’s highest possible potential. For example, are you including direct links to your social media accounts? Are you integrating the same conversations your audience is having on your social media accounts with your newsletter and emails? Do you have social sharing buttons within your newsletter?

Most importantly, are you utilizing all of those emails within Facebook Custom Audiences to increase Likes and Engagement, and retargeting those patients with advertising?

3. Google+

Everything done online should have an aspect of Search Engine Marketing attached. With that said, Google+, while not the most popular social media network by far, can still be a wonderful tool for SEO. Don’t forget about how important Google products and services are for increasing your Google rankings. They like it when you use their stuff! If you’re currently running a campaign or full marketing strategy, consider tossing some targeted links onto Google+.

4. Hashtags

Yes, people still use hashtags. This can be easily integrated into the current campaign you’re running. Come up with a great, unique hashtag that your patients and Fans can use across all social mediums – a hashtag that is directly related to your current campaign.

5. Advertising

Facebook Advertising might be one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising you ever decide to use. With ads that can potentially run at under $0.50 per click, any campaign that you have running can easily be integrated into Facebook Advertising.

There is no limit to what you can do with social media marketing, even if you’ve already begun a healthcare marketing campaign. Give the experts at Quaintise a call for more information.