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Brand Building - The Problem is the Solution

July 13, 2012

When starting a new business, or reevaluating what you’ve got, your first step should be analyzing your brand. A brand audit conducted by experienced Los Angeles marketing professionals can help you determine if your brand is getting the job done. Is your message clear? Is your brand message consistent? Is you brand message in line with your overall goal? Building a brand is simple; figure out the problem, find the solution and communicate that solution. Easy, right? Well, not always. Check out these brand building tips to get you on the right track.


Find the Problem

There are billions of problems in this world, and you can’t solve them all. What you need to do is find out what your audience is struggling with. What is their problem or question that needs solved or answered? Do they need different fitting jeans? Perhaps they need specialized medical attention? Your audience might have a problem with health, vacation, groceries, yard work, navigation, pretty much anything. It is your job to hone in on just one of those problems. Once you have the problem pin-pointed, it’s time to work on the solution.


Back in college I once took a class that focused on problems, not necessarily solutions. My professor would say that understanding the problem is the solution. I never quite understood what he was talking about, until I got out into the real world. The problem is the solution. When you have supremely and ultimately figured out exactly what the problem, the solution should be the easy part.


Work the Solution and Only the Solution

After finding the problem, realize how your product or service can specifically help them. Are they looking for a boost to their day and you produce the best coffee in town? Are you the solution they are looking for? Stay focused on the one solution to their one problem. Be diligent about focusing on the one problem and the one solution. Getting sidetracked with other ideas and solutions can only work to your detriment. In the beginning simplicity is your best friend.


For example, there’s a message in Kevin Plank (CEO and founder of Under Armour) that reads “Don’t forget to sell shorts and shoes.” Why does he have this message in his office? Because it’ simple. Simplicity, focusing on one solution, will reap wonders for your brand.


Communicate Your Message

When you have the problem nailed down, and the solution determined, you must be able to convey that solution with a message. Your brand message is just that; communicating the solution to the problem. It should be simple, consistent and always genuine.


If you can tie in these three elements of building a brand, you are ready to take on the world. If your struggling to figure out the problem, give us a call.