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Simple Strategies for Mobile Marketing

July 10, 2012

How mobile is your business? According to a new study released today from Acquity Group, 70% of marketers plan to increase their mobile marketing budgets for 2013. Are you one of those marketers or businesses looking to increase their mobile presence? With an experienced LA marketing firm, there might not be any need to greatly increase your mobile marketing budget, but rather a greater need to focus it. Let me explain…


Mobile Marketing Strategies

This year alone, mobile marketing here in the U.S. alone is expected to reach over $2.6 billion, according to Unfortunately, much of that marketing money is going to the wrong places. A targeted, focused approach to mobile marketing can literally save you thousands on your marketing budget. With professional help from a Scottsdale marketing firm like Quaintise, mobile marketing can reap amazing rewards without greatly increasing your budget.


Strategy #1 – Focus on Your Audience. Mobile marketing is unlike any other form of marketing available to businesses. It absolutely needs to be relevant to your audience in the very moment that they see the content on their phone. It also must be relevant to your audience in terms of their demographic. It must be functional, interactive, and branded. Who is your mobile customer? What type of device are they using? What question are they seeking an answer too? Understanding your audience is key.


Strategy #2 – Focus on Time and Space. Mobile marketing is about being right there, right when your audience is looking for you. Unlike web marketing where a web visitor might ‘check out’ many sites before making a decision, mobile marketing involves making the greatest first impression possible. When a mobile user conducts a mobile web search, browses through apps, or looks through Google Maps to find something to eat, you better be there at that very moment. If they go to Facebook to Check-In at your establishment, you absolutely need to have that ability on your Facebook Page.


Strategy #3 – Make it Simple. Finally, make it simple. Mobile users aren’t looking for in-depth websites with many pages. They don’t want to see a web-looking site. Mobile users want simple and quick. They want apps over websites. And they definitely want mobile sites over full-version sites. However, they want to option to see the full site.


Mobile marketing is the future, and yet there are still thousands of businesses implementing simple strategies poorly. Know your audience, know what they want and what questions they need answered, and give that to them when they need it in the simplest way possible. Still confused? Give us a call!