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Tips for Landing the Deal

July 10, 2012

In business, whether it’s in the hotel industry or medical industry, there’s traditional marketing in Scottsdale with print, online, tv and radio, and then there’s the kind of handshake, face-to face, look-in-the-eye marketing that only a business owner can do. As a healthcare provider or small business owner, some of your greatest moments will be when you can look a big shark in the eye and close the deal. So, we’re veering a bit from our normal, integrated marketing discussions for today to offer up some tips on how to land that big deal.


1. Do You ‘Get Them?’ – Just as a Scottsdale marketing firm like Quaintise must understand not only their client’s brand, but their target audience, it is your responsibility to understand your ‘big fish.’ Have you researched this business to know full and well that this partnership will benefit not only you, but both of you? Take some time to understand what value they will find in your business, as well as what value you find in theirs. Truly recognize what their brand is all about.

2. Conciseness – When pitching your idea, or simply discussing how valuable this partnership could be to both companies involved, maintain brevity and conciseness. Just as your brand message is short, sweet, and directly to the point, so should your ‘pitch’ be. Don’t beat around the bush, get to the point and be direct.

3. Why Should They Care? – Just as tip number two points to keeping your pitch clear and concise, tip number three is all about making it exceedingly apparent why they should care about this partnership. Be specific.

4. Maintain Your Reputation – When this ‘big fish’ heads home or back to the office after meeting with you, he or she will most likely jump online to do some research. Just as you needed to know everything about that company, they will need to know everything about you before agreeing to any kind of partnership. This is where reputation management online is crucial. They will Google you, and if they see nothing but bad reviews, links pointing to your competition, an outdated LinkedIn account and a poor website they will probably think less of the partnership. Make sure that you have a strong and positive online presence.

5. Make it Personal – We all know the saying, “it’s not personal, it’s business.” In reality, it’s always personal. Make the connections on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Find some common hobbies, sports teams, interests that you both share to lighten the mood. It doesn’t have to be all about the business. Some of the greatest clients that we have at Quaintise are those that we are able to make personal connections with.


When working out a partnership or landing a big deal, you want to put your best foot forward. When managing your reputation online, increasing your brand presence or running some advertising campaigns, it’s best to speak to the experts. Contact us today!