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Can Social Media Help Your Physicians Predict the Future?

January 8, 2013


It’s an interesting idea; predicting the future by monitoring social media conversations. In order to be successful, healthcare marketing agencies in Los Angeles and around the nation are expected to be one step ahead of the game, leading their client’s one step ahead of the competition.  Being able to predict the future via social media is not new, but in 2013 it can be incredibly useful if utilized appropriately.


Social Monitoring and Listening

With so many social mediums such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, even Google, it’s nearly possible to literally predict the future. The Pentagon uses the technique of listening to “chatter” when monitoring social networks for possible terrorist attacks. Big box brands around the world listen to “chatter” when monitoring their brand or industry related topics.


Gatorade, Nike, and many other top performing social brands have entire control centers simply built for the purpose of monitoring social media. Brands can determine if a message is being received, if the audience is engaged with the brand, if the audience is happy or dissatisfied with specific products or releases, and much, much more.


But, for the purpose of healthcare marketing, predicting the future begins with listening to what people are saying. Wondering when flu season will begin so that your marketing team can launch an aggressive flu shot campaign? Simply take a listen to the national conversation online to determine if it’s time to start pushing that flu shot. Skin care products, for example, come and go in cycles. Monitoring social mediums can help healthcare marketing agencies determine the exact time to launch a new skin care line and exactly how to market that line.


Solicited vs Unsolicited Feedback


You’re probably thinking; why can’t I just ask my clients and customers these questions? Well, you can, but you won’t get the same responses. When soliciting responses, participants are more likely to tell you what you want to hear, and when it comes to their health often-times they are nervous about giving you honest answers. However, social mediums offer a strange sense of freedom for many people to express exactly how they’re feeling. It lowers inhibitions, and thus is a far greater resource than solicited information.


This year will be huge for many aspects of marketing, from video production to social media, so jump on the wagon now with Quaintise.


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