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What Is Inbound Healthcare Marketing?

January 14, 2013


According to Hubspot, inbound marketing is marketing with a magnet, not a sledgehammer — marketing based on content that attracts and nurtures prospects, not spam that interrupts them. I love that definition because it epitomizes what we do here at Quaintise in terms of healthcare and medical marketing strategies.  But the question often arises; can you prove that inbound marketing is worth it? Yes, yes we can…


Take a look at some very new, very interesting data pulled together from various sources and brought to you by 


1. Inbound is 3-5 times better than progressive event-based marketing efforts. (via Gartner)

2. Enterprises using a customer relationship management strategy see a 25% higher financial metrics. (via Gartner)

3. A PR strategy than includes SEO has a 275% higher ROI. (via Procter & Gamble)

4. Skillfully executed inbound marketing is 10 times more effective at conversion than traditional outbound methods. (via Gartner)

5. Inbound leads cost 61% less on average than outbound leads. (via HubSpot)

6. The average cost-per-lead for inbound-dominated businesses is $135. (via HubSpot)

7. Companies with 1000+ Twitter followers get 6 times more website traffic. (via HubSpot)




8. E-mail has the highest ROI of marketing channels, producing $57 for every dollar spent. (via Oglivy One Worlwide)

9. 77% of consumers prefer permission-based promotions through email. (via Exact Target)

10. Email marketing is estimated to have accounted for $67.8 billion in sales in 2012. (via DMA)



HubSpot Marketing Automation Software

11. HubSpot users experienced an average of a 13% increase in visitors each month. (via HubSpot)

12. After three months, HubSpot users generate an average 32% more leads each month. (via HubSpot)

13. After twelve months, HubSpot users generated 26.4 times more leads. (via HubSpot)

14. 25% of HubSpot users report their traffic has more than doubled. (via HubSpot)

15. 18% of HubSpot customers said sales increased by at least 25%. (via HubSpot)



The State of ROI

16. 57% of organizations are not basing their marketing budgets on any ROI analysis. (via NYAMA)

17. 37% of organizations did not include any mention of finances when asked to define marketing ROI. (via NYAMA)

18. 29% of organizations report their marketing has “too little or no customer/consumer data.” (via NYAMA)



Content Marketing

19. The ROI of content marketing has risen 300% over the previous 3 years. (via Eloqua)

20. The average cost per lead drops 80% after 5 months of content marketing. (via Eloqua)

21. Content marketing is 31% cheaper than paid search advertising. (via Eloqua )

22. 83% of tech buyers found their vendor through Google. (via MarketingSherpa)
Great information, right? The best part, all of these numbers and statistics are completely, 100% transferable to healthcare inbound marketing and Quaintise clients! Medical marketing strategies implemented by the best in the marketing business can not only increase brand visibility, which is a term we love to use around here, it can quantifiably increase patient volume.