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More Users Go Online to Search for Healthcare Information

January 15, 2013


When the Pew Research Center releases new online data, Quaintise pays attention, especially when the online data is directly related to healthcare marketing and the medical industry in general. The newest study released last night is not much of a shocker to the medical marketing industry, but it does deserve some fundamental attention.

72% Of U.S. Web Users Searched Specifically for Health-Related Information

That is a remarkable number, when you think about it. Online medical marketing is a HUGE industry, and websites like MayoClinic and WebMD are eating these numbers up. Traditionally, health-related websites have always been a popular pull on Google, but this new research is showing just how important securing top rankings is.
Of the 72% of web users that went online in 2012 to specifically search for medical information, 77% of them began their research on Google, Bing or Yahoo.  Why does this matter? Because if you are not ranking well on these search engines for specific keyword searches, you’re losing potential clients and Fans.

52% of Smart Phone Owners Search Their Mobile Device For Health Info

This is not a surprising statistic for healthcare marketers either, remembering that mobile web use is up by dramatic numbers. The convenience of answering a quick question for yourself on your mobile device, whether it’s health-related or sports-related, can’t be beat.

Your 2013 Healthcare Marketing Strategies

Based on these numbers, you need to start making some changes within your medical marketing department. Take a look at your web traffic and rankings reports. How are you ranking for specific keywords in your local area? In your state? What is your competition doing that you’re not?

Marketing strategies absolutely MUST include search engine marketing campaigns that aim to rank your website at the top for specific keywords. If 72% of web users interviewed in this recent study admit to using search engines to answer all of the health questions, they better get the right answers from your physicians.

The team at Quaintise has more than a few years of experience in health-related search engine marketing, and the SEO strategies that we employ to improve your Google rankings are unmatched. Give us a call today to discus show you can take advantage of that 72%.