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Content Marketing - 2013's Buzz Phrase

March 15, 2013

Content marketing is HUGE right now. It’s been the “word du jour,” as calls it, for more than a few months. And in healthcare marketing, content is still king. With the ability to serve multiple purposes and show the client tangible progress, there really is no wonder why it is the “word du jour.” However, just because every marketing agency in Los Angeles says they are experts at content marketing does not mean they’re doing it right.


How To Market Content in the Healthcare Industry

In reality, content marketing is not a complicated strategy. If done effectively you can reach a greater audience, increase your brand awareness, drive more traffic to your product or services, and ultimately get more patients through your front door. That is the definitive goal, right?


Step 1: Deliver Value – Content marketing is NOT about writing a few blogs, tossing them up on your website or to a news cycle, and being done with it. It’s so much more, and this is where many marketing agencies in Los Angeles lose their way. Writing content of value is extremely important, and knowing where to find relevant ideas can make or break your marketing campaign.


Delivering value in content marketing means giving the audience what they want, while adhering to client goals. Take a look at your website search terms, your competition’s search terms, topics and ideas that are ‘trending’ on social media in your industry. What are patients’ asking your staff? What concerns seem to come up more often then others? If you listen, your audience, patients and staff will tell you what they want to hear, and the task of delivering value and relevance to your audience will come easily.


With any marketing campaign, one of the goals must be to provide a solution to your patient’s problem. This goes for print advertising, radio and TV segments, banner ads, and content marketing. By identifying the problem first, you can provide the solution and deliver value to your audience.


Step 2: Become a Publisher – Red Bull calls itself a “publisher who just happens to sell energy drinks,” and it works…and it works very well. What we call content marketing today, journalists, editors and writers might have called a magazine or newspaper many years ago, but with a twist. Online content allows for more creativity, engagement and interactivity with your patients and audience, and if used correctly, it can blossom into a whole new avenue of opportunity for your brand. Content marketing married with user generated content and engagement is basically the Holy Grail right now.


The healthcare marketing experts at Quaintise can deliver content of value, and turn your website into a publishing machine. With PR talent, professional writers, social media and SEO experts, and branding specialists, content marketing is in our blood.