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Should You Select Quaintise as Your Marketing Agency of Record?

March 11, 2013


We spend a lot of time discussing how to market your business, how to run a successful Facebook campaign, integrating storytelling, and how to select the perfect advertising platform for your medical team. But all too often healthcare marketing agencies in Los Angeles forget about the first step in any campaign, choosing the perfect team to represent that campaign. So how do you select the best marketing agency? Quaintise will tell you…


Niche Marketing - Healthcare marketing is a unique field, and in order to execute successful campaigns the agency you choose must have a supreme understanding of HIPAA rules and regulations, as well as specific demographics, medical conditions, medical solutions, medical terms, and physician expectations. This niche industry takes a niche marketing agency, which is why is exceedingly important to select a marketing firm that specializes in healthcare and medical.


The Big Picture – Everyone starts out small, especially physicians who perhaps have started their own practice. Just because you start small does NOT mean that you’re marketing plans should be small. The best healthcare marketing agency will see past the humble beginnings, perhaps even using those humble beginnings, and look towards the future; and your future is bright. The best agency will not only have a firm grasp of where you are in your career at that very moment, but where your practice is headed. Quaintise understands your future and utilizes the same vision for forward momentum.


ROI – It’s not just a buzz word. Return On Investment is paramount in healthcare marketing, especially for smaller practices where every single penny needs to be accounted for. The best agency needs to be able to show where you’re money is going, how it’s being spent on increased engagement, and how that money is impacting your overall marketing results. You should be able to visually appreciate each and every new FB Fan, each and every email click-thorugh, each and every video view, and everything in between. Return on Investment ties in perfectly with Analytics.


Measurement of Success – The best healthcare marketing team in Los Angeles will put the numbers into a visually appealing copy that anyone can grasp. Analytics are an integral aspect of any marketing and advertising campaign, the best agency should be able to show you these numbers at any time, in an easily comprehensible fashion.


Integrated Team – The best healthcare marketing firm will have the best team available. The team will be culturally diverse as well as diverse in ages and sexes. The team will encompass experts in every activity of marketing, from print advertising to analytics to branding to demographics to video production to content and social media. The team should be well versed in their area of expertise and should be able to work seamlessly together to integrate all aspects of marketing.


Transparency and Reliability – Finally, and probably most important, the best healthcare marketing team in Los Angeles will maintain transparency and availability with it’s clients at all times. Quaintise professionals are always available to their clients for questions and concerns.


If you’re currently researching healthcare marketing agencies in Los Angeles or Scottsdale, give Quaintise a call today!



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