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What Ad Platform Will Drive The Most Traffic?

March 8, 2013


One of the most common questions our Quaintise healthcare marketing agency receives from new clients is “What advertising platforms will drive the most traffic? Where will I see the greatest ROI?” Because every single penny counts when it comes to running a successful medical practice, it’s exceedingly important to spend that money wisely, especially in this business of branding and marketing.


The idea of spending money on branding, marketing and advertising in the healthcare and medical industry is truly a catch-22; a vicious circle of spending. If you are bringing in the clients, you have the money to advertise and market, which brings in more patients. However, the opposite is also true, and when your practice is not doing as well as others and money is tight, it’s an increase in spending on marketing efforts that is needed but is rarely afforded.


This is where Quaintise comes into the picture, with experience and insight into which marketing platforms will work and generate the greatest ROI for your budget.  There are two main ideas in determining the best marketing platform for your business:


Know Your Audience – We can’t stress this enough, especially in the healthcare industry. Knowing your audience, understanding your demographic, is paramount and an integral piece of any marketing or advertising strategy. Without a supreme understanding of your audience, you will fail at any advertising campaign that you embark on.


“The best marketing message in the world won’t resonate if delivered to the wrong customers.” –


Solve the Problem with Exceptionality – Your audience has a problem. Whether it’s allergies, acne, or a broken toe, your audience has an issue that needs resolved, which is why they are coming to you, or one of your competitors. You must be able to craft a convincing offer as to how you can alleviate the problem. You must provide the solution, showing that you are the best.


Sure, there are a plethora of details that ultimately go into creating a successful healthcare marketing campaign with the highest ROI on the most efficient platforms, but having a keen understanding of the two provided tips will get you on the right track. Call Quaintise for more advice and support in crafting  your branding, advertising and marketing campaigns.