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Content Marketing Strategies in Healthcare

December 3, 2012

Content marketing is, and realistically always has been, a dominating force behind SEO (search engine marketing). The phrase ‘Content is King’ truly holds water for Google, Yahoo and Bing, and every physician or specialists in the healthcare market should be taking full advantage of every benefit that content marketing has to offer. However, in order to do that on your own (should you choose not to use a healthcare marketing firm), you’ll need to understand some basic strategy aspects.

Basic Content Strategies

Below are some baseline aspects to content marketing that need to be comprehended and executed accordingly:

  1. Solidify Content Marketing Goals – Before you start any time of healthcare marketing campaign, whether it be print advertising integrated with social media, or content marketing integrated with a monthly newsletter, the end goal must be clear. For example, a healthcare marketing firm might want to see X amount of conversions per each piece of content. Or perhaps the goal is to establish the client (physician or specialist) as an expert and thought leader in their industry. As a part of setting the goal, you also must have ways to quantify this goal through analytics and insights.
  2. Content Mapping – Identify who will be creating this content, either within your offices and/or staff, or through a healthcare marketing firm like Quaintise, who has experience and expert resources. Either DIY or through your marketing firm, identify who the thought leaders are currently in your industry and connect with them. Exchange ideas and content with these thought leaders. Ultimately, every piece of content needs to be mapped to identify it’s influence over customer or patient conversions.
  3. Augment Reach – Whether it’s through Facebook, content exchanges with similar leaders in the industry, or advertising, you must be aiming at increasing overall Reach. However, keep in mind that you DO NOT simply want to increase Reach to everyone, you need to have a specific audience/demographic in mind and aim to increase that Reach through highly targeted ads or content sharing.
  4. Understand Trends – The healthcare marketing agency in Los Angeles which represents you must absolutely be aware of trends within your industry, as well as within your own content. Which topics are popular at this very moment? Which pieces of content drive the most conversions? This needs to be quantified for engagement and conversions.
  5. Reports- Finally, pay attention to the smallest details at all times. Know that every member of your staff, or healthcare marketing agency, has the ability to create content for your business. Calculate how this content marketing strategy is generating real business and literally getting more traffic through your office doors.

Executing a strong and effective content marketing strategy is not simply about writing a few paragraphs once or twice a week and hoping someone notices it. Content marketing in healthcare is about brining in patients, educating patients, engaging with patients, and ultimately getting new patients to walk through your front door.