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Healthcare Marketing Trends for 2013

December 7, 2012

Everyone in the healthcare marketing field wants to know; what will the hot marketing trends of 2013 be? Are we looking at more mobile advertising and less print? Will it revert to more traditional forms of media or will digital technology completely take over? As one of the best healthcare marketing agencies in the nation, we have our own opinions on hot marketing trends in 2013, but to be unbiased we combed the net to find out what other experts in marketing think, and here’s what we found:


    1. Consumers Expecting More – Consumers have extremely high expectations on brands, thanks to expert marketing by companies like Target, Starbucks, Old Spice, Cleveland Clinic, and many more. The bar is going to be set particularly high in 2013, and brands will have to find a way to connect with consumers on a personal, relevant level. Healthcare marketing campaigns will need to be integrated into every advertising avenue available, chiefly digital media; mobile, social and content driven. Consumers will expect to be highly engaged with the brand – engrossed in the concept and the message that the brand is sharing.

    1. Getting Even More Social Healthcare marketing agencies in Los Angeles and Phoenix will need to improve upon their social media campaigns to satisfy consumer need. Social media will absolutely need to be integrated into email marketing, website platforms, print marketing, even TV and radio spots. And we’re not talking about a simple Facebook button or “Follow Us” mention – when we say integrated social media what we really mean is fully assimilated and united campaigns where social media is not just inserted, but included as an integral piece of the puzzle. Consumers will expect you to have a social media presence, and expect you to have an engaging social media presence with quick response to any questions or concerns they might have.


    1. Buy Local – From the wedding industry to the healthcare marketing industry, brands need to be constantly devising new ways to attract local consumers. This can be done through integrated, digital campaigns, as well as traditional campaigns. Instead of simply posting a status update on Facebook, consumers are now able to claim an offer while checking in at a local business. Everything will be locally connected in 2013, and you need to take advantage of that.


    1. Consumer-Generated Content – By now every healthcare marketing firm should be well aware how important Reviews and Testimonials are to not only a brand’s reputation, but their overall branding online. From search rankings on Google to reputation management, Reviews and Testimonials created and maintained by consumers will take the cake in 2013. Campaigns in this department will need to fully integrate social media, mobile and traditional advertising as well as an extremely quick response time in order to generate great reviews and counter to the poor ones.


  1. All Data 42/7 – Everywhere we looked online while researching the top healthcare marketing trends of 2013 mentioned data; the ability to collect better data and run more efficient campaigns based on that improved data. Your healthcare marketing agency should unquestionably be not only recording data, but monitoring it daily to determine the greatest strategies based upon the data at that very moment.


Here at Quaintise, we’re extremely excited about the possibilities 2013 has to offer in terms of healthcare marketing trends. It’s going to be an amazing year with innovative, pioneering campaigns that will no-doubt break records.


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