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Cyber Monday Marketing - Branding a Day

November 28, 2011

In the beginning, before the hype of Cyber Monday, it was nothing more than a marketing ploy implemented ingenuously by However, today, Cyber Monday 2011, has gone far beyond just marketing hype and has grown to literally become the busiest online shopping day of the entire year. This amazing transformation from the 12th busiest online shopping day of the year to the first was made possible by expert marketing, something every eBusiness can learn from.


Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday started back in 2005 by in an attempt to pursued shoppers to forgo the retail stores and shop online. Purchasing products on Cyber Monday still affords all gift givers enough shipping time to get that present to its final destination. This year, Cyber Monday is looking to break all kinds of records, as the experts compare numbers to a rise in purchases on Black Friday this year.


According to, as of 3 pm New York time, Cyber Monday online sales are up 15 percent for this same period over Cyber Monday in 2010.


Turning Any Other Day into a Marketing Success

This year, email marketing played a huge role in the marketing success of Cyber Monday. According the Responsys, a research group, 81 percent of major retailers sent at least one promotional email to their subscribers on Black Friday, making it the busiest promotional email day on record.


While recent studies have shown that only 13 percent of holiday shoppers plan to shop online while at work on Cyber Monday, the 2010 numbers show that 70 percent actually did their Cyber Monday shopping online while at work.


"The more special you make it sound, the more you might be able to get people," says Alan Adamson, a managing director at brand consulting firm Landor Associates. "It's tricky to come up with something simple and sticky."


Marketing a day, turning it into a brand that everyone can experience, is a genius marketing technique, and one that has turned Cyber Monday into the single busiest online shopping day of the year.