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Running a Successful Facebook Campaign_Case Study

November 22, 2011

Running a successful Facebook marketing campaign is complicated. Beyond the time it takes to personally connect with your target audience and network with your demographic, Facebook marketing requires a strict objective, measurable goals, and a plan. Launching a successful campaign is one thing, maintaining that marketing objective over time is quite another.


Case Study: Arizona OB GYN Affiliates

Understanding that Arizona OB GYN Affiliates’ (AOA) target two most important audiences are women just before and during their childbearing years. This audience, the Y Generation, born after 1982, are incredibly technology savvy and are categorized as the “Connect with Me” health care consumer. With that knowledge, we decided to embark upon a Facebook campaign with the goal of connecting with this target demographic.

Objectives: The first step to any successful Facebook marketing campaign is to streamline your objectives. In this case, our main objective was to raise brand awareness for the client while providing targeted, educational information by redirecting Fans to the AOA website.


Strategy One: In order to achieve our objective to raise brand awareness, we launched an initial Facebook contest to offer an early incentive for Fans to join the AOA Family. The contest ran for two months, and allowed Fans to post photos of their newborn babies. This contest was targeted at our mentioned demographic of young mothers who are always excited to share photos of their new babies.


Strategy One Results: Throughout the course of the contest, Fan engagement in terms of Fans “Talking About This” rose by 600% and in terms of Fan Reach rose by 260%.Out of the 12 photos submitted to the contest, AOA generated roughly 400 new Fans. On the day that the contest winner was announced, total Fan Reach jumped to an amazing 150,000 people.


Strategy Two:  Facebook advertising is one of the best ways to target a specific audience by only gender and age, but location, family status, employment, and much more. For AOA, we launched an extremely targeted advertising campaign to attract women within a 10-mile-radius of the client’s office locations. For this particular ad, we target the Halloween holiday along with the mentioned demographic, taking advantage of a mother’s innate need to share those Halloween baby photos.


Strategy Two Results: Between the dates of October 26th through November 1st, this specific ad campaign generated 60 new Likes for the AOA page. Pageviews and Unique Visitors increased with a direct correlation to these Facebook ads.


Strategy Three: By empowering this target audience with educational information, answering Fan questions, and appealing on all levels, we have been able to not only maintain high engagement levels but increase brand awareness.  By offering a variety of topics and post types, from videos to photos and news links, the AOA Page has become a resource for women seeking support and information.


The Measurables

There are certain metrics to every campaign that must be monitored on a consistent basis in order to determine if the campaign is attracting the target audience successfully, if the campaign is keeping that target audience engaged, and if ultimately it is turning Fans into Brand Advocates.


Tab Views: This might not be an important metric for medical offices with only one location and one Welcome Tab, however in the case of AOA where we have many tabs to keep an eye on, this metric is extremely important. From analyzing these metrics, we can easily see that AOA’s Welcome Tab, Wall and Photos are the top three most visited tabs. However, we can also see that the Arizona Wellness Center for Women Location Tab receives the most views, an important metric for that location to keep an eye on.


Posts vs Reach vs Engagement: No matter what industry you are in, analyzing and comparing this metric is crucial to success. For example, if you are Posting Links regarding a specific topic over and over again, and you notice that as your Reach is high your Engagement is low. This should be a point of interest to your marketing team, and should alert you to the fact that this topic is not something your Fans are interested in. However, if you notice that a specific Post receives high numbers across the board, you might want to look further into the success of this post and tweak it for future updates.


Above all, Facebook marketing is about connecting with your audience. Out of all the strategies and objectives, if you cannot connect with your audience on their level, your efforts will be futile. For more information, or for a Facebook consultation, call us today.