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Five Physician Tips To Increase Facebook Engagement

April 5, 2013

facebook marketing for physicians

As a medical professional, whether a family physician, an OB GYN, a specialist or somewhere in-between, you understand the importance of social media and the significance of generating conversations and engagement with your brand. You are keenly aware that other physicians have jumped on the bandwagon, but have not fully executed Facebook strategy to it’s fullest potential. And you are left wondering, ‘what can I do to take full advantage of Facebook healthcare marketing strategies?’ Let the social media professionals at Quaintise offer a few tips from quite a few years of experience.

1. Get Excited – One of the most contagious elements of the human spirit is joy, excitement and pure happiness. If you’re excited about something, it’s easy to get others excited about it too. Some of the best salesmen and women are those who are not only passionate about their products or services, but those who can portray that passion with enthusiasm and eagerness. So get excited about your Facebook posts!

2. Call to Action – If you want to increase engagement with your posts, sometimes all you have to do is ask. Ask your Facebook Fans to Comment, Like or Share a post, and you’ll be surprised with how your engagement numbers start to increase.

3. Get Personal – Yes, you operate a professional business. Your office staff is professional at all times, your physicians are at the top of their game, and everyone functions as medical pros. But, do you have baby announcements plastered all over the walls of your OB office? Why not also have them plastered all over your Facebook Wall? Do you have little league trophies or team photos in your office or the teams you’ve sponsored? Why not also have them as a part of your Facebook presence? Making your brand personal on Facebook encourages your Fans to not only trust your brand, but engage with it on a higher level as well.

4. Be Available and Responsive – In healthcare marketing, the patients come first. Whether it’s in the office or on social media networks, you need to put the patient first at all times. That remains true with Facebook Fans, whether they are patients or not. Social media was meant to be, well, social. So be SOCIAL. If a patient of Fan has a question or comments on a post, take full advantage of Facebook’s new Reply feature with an immediate response. If they’ve taken the time to read your post and respond, you need to take a second to reply. Facebook is give and take, and in order to get the best bang for your buck, so to speak , you need to be available and responsive.

5. Team Up – At Quaintise, we love to run campaigns to increase Facebook engagement. Many of those campaigns involve contests in which we team the client’s brand up with another local business with similar interests. Running campaigns that are tied into local community events or non-profit causes will do three things for your Facebook Page – show it as credible and humble, increase Reach by spreading brand awareness through the partnered Page, and get the attention of local media (in many cases). Don’t be afraid to open the doors wide open on your social media campaigns. Integrate them across Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter, as well as with other Facebook pages.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Quaintise can take your Facebook marketing efforts to the next level, give us a call today!