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Physicians - Why You Shouldn't Write Your Own Content

April 4, 2013

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Who is the hero or heroine of your storytelling? Who is the brand champion? If it’s your brand itself, your business, even yourself, you’re running your content marketing campaign all wrong. The key to your storytelling and content marketing success is your audience, so why not make them the star?


In healthcare marketing, there are many aspects to successful campaigns, but as content marketing continues to become a paramount strategy, it’s important that you understand the best practices.

Hire a Professional Writer

One of the biggest mistakes that we at Quaintise see physicians and specialists make is with the actual writing. Yes, no one knows your business like you do and no one understands the technical aspects of medicine like you. You are the expert, the physician, and the one who has the ultimate grasp of the conditions you treat. However, just because you are the physician does not mean that you should, too, be the writer.


An SEO writer with brand marketing experience understands what people want to reach, watch, listen to, and share. The content marketing professionals at Quaintise can easily gain insight into your profession and some basic knowledge about each topic they undertake, whether it be an article about seasonal allergies or skin care, but it’s a brand writer’s responsibility to know how to publish content that your audience wants to read about.


What calls a ‘brand journalist,’ this writer has direct insight into your company, your staff, your brand message, and – most importantly – your audience and patients. The main reason for hiring a professional writer who has experience in brand marketing is to put your audience and your brand message first.


At Quaintise, our writers are far more than simply writers. They are brand marketing gurus who can tell a story about the audience, for the audience. And why would you want to put your audience first? Because when they feel that they are getting the information they need, right at that very moment, they are more likely to not only trust your brand but share your brand.