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Healthcare Marketing - It's 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

April 12, 2013

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Healthcare marketing is an obstacle course, a long one. It’s a marathon with wind sprints and math equations. Healthcare marketing is integrative and inherent, risky and calculated, and unless you can devote 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to promoting your brand across multiple platforms, you best leave it to the experts at Quaintise.
Social Media and Healthcare Marketing

Let me provide an example as to how quickly social media marketing in the healthcare field moves. This morning the weatherman reported high allergens levels in the air and increased wind speeds. Translation for a healthcare marketer – run to Facebook, design an attractive ad image, develop engaging content regarding the weather, provide allergy relief solutions and a link to the client’s website, remain consistent with the client’s brand while adhering to Facebook’s ad guidelines, and submit for approval.

At the same time you are working up a morning press release, getting quotes from physicians, and contacting news sources to promote your client’s allergy experts. While you are doing all of this, you are writing a spot-on blog, optimized with keywords, for the client’s website.

Keep in mind, all of this needs to be completed before the ‘average’ individual hits their computer for the day because your Facebook Ad and blog post need to be the first thing they see.  Get it done before 9am.

Running a successful social media marketing campaign in the healthcare industry involves a keen sense of what people are talking about, and what they want more information about. It involves a willingness to launch an aggressive Facebook campaign at 6am in the morning when the newest health study has emerged. It involves an insatiable hunger to reach every possible individual within a client’s targeted demographic, leaving no stone unturned. It’s passion and excitement, frustration and fear.

Do not make the same mistakes that many business owners and medical professionals do – creating a social media campaign, a Facebook page, and letting them slip between the cracks with occasional posts from front desk staff members. It takes a dedicated, almost maniacal yet calculated marketing mind to manage successful social media campaigns. Let the team at Quaintise show you how it’s done.