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How To Select The Right Marketing & Advertising Team

March 24, 2011

Selecting the right medical marketing and advertising group can be a difficult decision. You’re putting your business, your baby, into the hands of someone else who might not understand what this business means to you. Whether you’ve grown it from the ground, or just took it over, marketing and advertising your business depends a great deal on the expertise of the marketing professionals, the trust that you have in them, and the understanding that they have of your business brand.


The Foundation

When you buy a home, everything that home is built on rests upon the foundation. If the foundation cracks, so does the walls that support the frame and everything can come tumbling down. That might sound a bit dramatic, but in reality medical marketing and business branding are no different. Your business must have a strong foundation, a strong brand image, and the medical marketing agency must completely understand what that foundation is made of.


Let’s say you have a brick home built on a straw foundation. Well, the brick might look amazing and it might attract a lot of onlookers and conversation, but the foundation won’t hold it for long and your audience will realize that underneath the beauty is a mess. Your chosen medial marketing and advertising team must become one, literally, with your brand before they began to build out the frame of the strategy. If the strategy veers off of the path of the business brand, your target audience will notice that something just doesn’t feel authentic.


How to Make them Understand

When selecting your medical marketing and advertising team, ask to see their portfolio and talk to them about how they came up with their marketing strategies for each client and brand. Be extremely inquisitive and have them explain how they meet with clients, how they build relationships with clients, and how they began to truly understand a client’s brand.


Your medical marketing and advertising professionals need to be more than just a meeting once a month or a phone call once a week, they need to be involved in your everyday operations in order for them to understand what your business is all about. They need to walk through your office during hours of operations, observe and reflect upon how you and your employees interact with patients, how the business makes people react, and what type of demographic is walking through your door.


The medical marketing team also needs to run sentiment analysis and brand analysis to determine how people feel about your business and industry. Most of all, you need to stay on top of them and at the same time give them a bit of flexibility to allow them to completely understand your brand.


Medical Marketing Professionals at Work

Finally, after a good deal of time has passed where the medical marketing team has analyzed every piece of data and given themselves time to understand you and your business, it’s time to get together a strategy and put the professionals to work. When they have completely understood what your foundation is made of, you can sit down together and build out the framework. And this is where  all the magic happens.