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OB/GYN Marketing - Having an Authentic Brand Message

March 22, 2011

OB/GYN Marketing is very different than many other medical marketing disciplines, simply because the target audience is so specific and the topic can be a little bit delicate. You don’t want to overstep any subtle boundaries with your content and social media efforts, and yet you must compete in the world of medical marketing by growing your online brand. So, what do you do?

Authenticity in Brand Marketing

When it comes to the sensitive issues that OB/GYN’s and their patients face, the absolute greatest marketing strategy that you can employ is complete authenticity. A genuine conversation, blog, interview or video will do far more for your brand image than a hundred technical, informational articles. These technical, informational marketing articles are incredibly important to establish your OB/GYN practice as the most knowledgeable in Arizona, but an honest and genuine presence will incr

ease brand trust, and thus increase referrals.

How To Remain Genuine in OB/GYN Marketing

Many medical practices and Arizona marketing agencies make the vital mistake of creating a corporate brand message that is very professional and rigid. Professional is good, but stiff and rigid is not a key ingredient in marketing success. Without authenticity and an amicable quality, an OB/GYN practice is doomed to fail. The fact that obstetricians and gynecologists deal with such sensitive issues, the core of all practice management must be genuine.

Physicians should have their own social media outlets, where the profile picture is not a logo or brand image, but the actual doctor. Posts should include informational articles on OB/GYN medical issues, as well as lighter issues to ease the mood and create a platform for people to interact with you. Physicians should also create their own blog entries at least once a week, some informational, some light and casual.

Building Trust Builds Referrals

As you employ your authentic brand message your target audience will no doubt take notice of how genuine and ‘real’ your practice appears. That audience will be able to connect with the stories you tell and the information you post. As your marketing campaign grows so will the amount of trust. Consider having weekly Frequently Asked Question posts with the inquiries that you most often come across in the OB/GYN field.

Unfortunately, women rarely feel comfortable enough to ask their physician personal questions or share personal information with their OB/GYN, so creating trust through authentic marketing strategies will help patients open up about medical issues. This is incredibly important for keeping patients happy and healthy. Happy and healthy patients who have had great experiences at the doctor’s office will be more likely to refer you to other women.

Women and Word of Mouth

Everyone knows that when it comes to women’s health there is no one more trusted than a female’s circle of friends. If you can build trust through your brand message and marketing, you can build that word of mouth campaign as well. If a patient has received information about a certain condition over a social medium, they are very likely to share that information on that same social network with other friends.

OB/GYN marketing does involve a great deal of creativity and respect for certain delicate issues. However, when done properly with an authentic and genuine brand message, medical marketing can increase your web traffic, increase trust, increase word of mouth referrals, and thus increase your patient load.