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"I Can Do It" Mentality Might Be Hurting Your Business Potential

January 10, 2014

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Towards the end of last year,, a local search engine marketing company, teamed up with to survey 20,000 healthcare professionals. At Quaintise, it’s not only our job to keep an eye on trends that this survey shows, but it’s our passion. So, let’s dive in:

Key Points

There are many take-aways to gain from this survey, but we feel that some of the most important are the following:

  • Healthcare industry SMBs have larger marketing budgets overall – but far less of this is directed towards internet or mobile marketing (14% less than the all-industry average).
  • Because of lower internet and mobile marketing budgets, only 36% say internet marketing is quite effective (vs. 41% across all industries)
  • 66% of healthcare professionals run internet marketing themselves, which could be another factor in why only 36% say internet marketing is quite effective.
  • 30% of healthcare professionals feel that they understand internet marketing and can do it effectively on their own
  • Medical websites are far less likely to be mobile optimized - 17% less then other industries

Key Takeaways

Healthcare professionals are no doubt behind the curve when it comes to web marketing, particularly local web marketing. What’s more is that many of the surveyed by believe they can manage and maintain their own marketing presence online, while at the same time failing to see the connection between internet marketing effectiveness, budget and experience.

With that said, the marketing experts at Quaintise would like to take this opportunity to offer an alternative with can lead to effective internet marketing integrated with powerful brand marketing.

Local Marketing

Local marketing is a beast, a timely, time-consuming monster which demands your full attention at all times. Do you have citation trackers set up to monitor your reviews and testimonials? Are your NAPs in order and identical across all of your citations? How often do you update your Google+ profile? Your MerchantCircle account? Have you integrated a patient review system into your daily routine? Does your staff know the importance of positive patient reviews? Does your team make reviews easy and accessible to patients?

These are only a fraction of the questions you should be asking yourself as you take on local internet marketing on your own. Let the team at Quaintise help you out with the strategies, systems and procedures to not only increase your local traffic but your overall brand visibility.