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Is Print Advertising Dead?

December 13, 2023

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We don’t often talk about print advertising in healthcare marketing circles anymore. Why? With the surge of mobile advertising, digital marketing, social media and more the focus has dramatically changed, the mediums dramatically altered. At Quaintise, our  Los Angeles healthcare marketing professionals implement every possible strategy and campaign techniques to produce results, and that still includes print advertising. Here’s why…

Is Print Dead?

As a journalism major, it saddens me that print has become so inconsequential to so many marketing professionals. In the healthcare industry, where journals, niche magazines and medical papers still maintain a powerful presence, it also strikes me as odd that more healthcare marketers are fully migrating their campaigns to digital only.

Print media still offers a variety of necessary advantages to any advertising or marketing campaign. According to…

Tangibility – While tablets and smartphones are tangible, the ads and content displayed on these mobile platforms are not. Magazines and newspapers are often left around the house for weeks, if not months, constantly there reminding readers of specific products or services in static ads. Digital advertisments, while not static and more engaging, are usually gone within minutes of moving on to the next website or page.

Credibility -  “There is something about print that gives a sense of legitimacy. The saturation of popups and banner ads on the web can be overwhelming and the fear of spam and viruses is enough make people weary of clicking. There is no imminent danger in a print ad.” – (I couldn’t have said it better myself, especially when it comes to establishing a hospital, physician, specialist, or any other healthcare provider as credible.)

Target Marketing – In healthcare marketing, being able to place your ads in niche publications is priceless. While you can place digital ads on niche websites, the credibility and association that comes with ads in niche publications is invaluable. The readers of specific magazines in Los Angeles or medical journals in Phoenix are extremely targeted, thus providing additional benefits to your ad.

Engaged – When you think of the term ‘engaged’ you automatically think of digital media; social media, etc. But when it comes to the healthcare industry, readers are far more engaged in a topic when reading a printed publication. Think about it for a moment. As you read this article, are you skimming for important key points as you multi-task with other responsibilities? When you read a magazine or medical journal, are you not more engaged with the topic at hand?

QR Codes – These innovative barcodes are an inventive way to connect your print ad with the high-technology digital world. They are an ‘excellent way to bridge the gap between print and web,’ offering endless possibilities.

Print is definitely not dead. If you healthcare marketing team in Los Angeles is steering you away from print advertising, talk to the professionals at Quaintise today.

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