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Mobile Advertising's Remarkable Year Growth

April 20, 2012

If you’re not advertising on mobile platforms, it’s time to get with the program. Most Scottsdale marketing firms are now offering mobile advertising packages, and for good reason. According to a report released on Wednesday from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, mobile advertising saw a one-year increase of 149 percent, from 2010 through 2011. Were you a part of that statistic?


Mobile Advertising

As more and more individuals choose smart phones over cell phones, whether by choice or necessity, this mobile platform is quickly becoming one of the most popular advertising mediums available. In 2010, businesses spent $641 million on mobile advertising. Just last year that number jumped to $1.6 billion…that’s billion with a ‘B.’ That’s a remarkable jump, constituting a 149 percent increase.


According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau report, overall internet advertising rose by roughly 22 percent to $31.7 billion. Search-related, mobile advertising led the way in terms of money spent. These would be mostly sponsored ads that show in search results. The second most common advertising was banner and display ads showing on mobile apps and games.


Mobile advertising is growing quickly for many reasons. According to a New York Times interview with David Silverman of PricewaterhouseCoopers, “By combining some of the best features of the Internet, along with portability and location-based technology, mobile advertising is enabling marketers to deliver timely, targeted, relevant and local advertisements in a manner that was not previously possible.”


Location-Based Advertising

One of the greatest benefits to mobile advertising that allows Scottsdale advertising firms amazing insight into audience demographics is location-based advertising. In fact, this form of advertising is so popular that many mobile developers are getting 3.8 times more funding for ad impressions that include location data, according to


From a local perspective, this information is paramount in terms of understanding an audience. With location-based advertising, publishers can target their audience as they are literally walking past a business, inside of a shopping mall, or down the street. By providing extremely targeted offers, coupons, and deals that include only that individual’s local stores, advertisers can key into that person’s connection with their hometown.


By marketing within apps, searches, and more, Scottsdale advertising firms can geo-target their specific audience and offer location-based specials and deals. It’s quite remarkable when you stop to think about it.


Boosting Mobile Speeds

Many providers are now offering 4G coverage, basically providing faster downloads and internet results. Google is also aiming to improve its search speed. However, these companies are not ingeniously generating faster mobile web speed to make the customer happy, they are doing it to make more money, of course.


According to, Google aims to ‘use faster mobile internet access to unlock billions of dollars in additional e-commerce and online advertising. When people are waiting for pages to load, they aren’t shopping or viewing ads. That’s hampering everyone from giant Internet companies to local businesses trying to reach customers.’


The article goes on to say that Forrester estimates a faster web connection and download speed could increase ‘mobile-commerce sales in the U.S. by 10 percent, or about $600 million a year.’


In the end, there are many advertising platforms that are available for Arizona businesses. It takes an expert advertising firm to know which mediums will work the best for your business. Contact us today for more information.