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Physicians - Stay Ahead of the Marketing Curve

May 27, 2013

Family Practice Specialists Social Media

True marketing leaders must innovate continuously to stay ahead of the market, by creating needs, rather than only responding to them. –

In healthcare marketing, staying ahead of the curve is paramount to maintaining success in a difficult market. You know exactly what illness and/or condition is associated with every single month of the year. You know when the season for allergies will bring in more patients, as well as the season for high school football will bring in more injuries. As a healthcare professional, you inherently know what type of condition will walk through your door based on the day, time, month, and season. So, why not use this experience and knowledge – incorporating it into your overall healthcare marketing and content marketing campaigns?


Integrating Healthcare Knowledge with Marketing Strategies


Come February, March, as a healthcare professional you know that seasonal allergies here in Arizona will bring in more patients. You prepare for the influx by increasing hours, increasing staff, perhaps even increasing supplies. In Arizona, when May rolls around and the temperatures begin to skyrocket, you instinctively know that residents will begin thinking about their skin health and protection. Instead of responding to these patients as they call or walk through the door, essentially reacting to what your patients need, as they need it, why not stay ahead of their needs?


Currently we are running a content marketing campaign for Family Practice Specialists aimed at “Skin Cancer Awareness Month” – May. We have integrated every aspect of digital marketing available within the client’s budget. Inherently, we knew the need would arise before it did – simply from living in Arizona and understanding our weather trends. There is a reason why may is Skin Cancer Awareness Month.


In healthcare marketing, we get a jump on topics such as this by creating a marketing strategy before the patients need it. In this healthcare marketing strategy, we gave the client’s Facebook page a facelift to represent Skin Cancer Awareness.


FPS on Facebook


We also created a custom Facebook Tab, redirecting users to the client’s website where we developed a targeted landing page focused on skin cancer awareness, with quick links to the client’s two dermatologists.


We launched an aggressive advertising campaign targeting a specific demographic based on location, gender, age and family status that resulted in over 115 new LOCAL Fans.


FB advertising


We pushed content out through the client’s blog that was educational, informative, contained a strong call to action, and directed all traffic back to the client’s website.


By staying ahead of the healthcare trend for May, we were able to increase the client’s engagement as well as web traffic by ridiculous numbers. By not responding to a  need but creating a need, our healthcare marketing campaign aimed at skin cancer awareness increased overall web traffic by 15% in May of 2013 over May of 2012, and Facebook engagement by over 100%.


If you’re looking to launch an aggressive healthcare marketing campaign that keeps you ahead of the healthcare trends, give Quaintise a call today!