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Set Your Goals and Charge Ahead

December 20, 2012

With so many changes coming to the healthcare industry over the course of the next few years, it’s natural to feel anxious about what the future holds for your medical practice. But the professionals at Quaintise wanted to offer some support and encouragement this holiday season; 2013 is going to be an amazing year! Find yourself a healthcare marketing agency in Los Angeles that can take your brand by the reigns and propel you into 2013 with rocket boosters! Head into 2013 with the confidence that Quaintise has your back.


Setting Goals for 2013

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, there is no better time than this very moment to start a brand audit. With a brand audit, Quaintise will take a look at many aspects of your campaigns over the past year. By taking an in-depth look at these campaigns, and your brand as a whole, we can determine the most effective, achievable, and revenue-generating goals for your healthcare brand and medical organization in 2013.

In the meantime, there are some things that you can do without a healthcare marketing firm that will improve your outlook for 2013.


1. Write Down Your Business Goals for 2013 – According to, people who write down goals are 33% more likely to achieve them. Think about that; every 1 out of 3 individuals who record their goals will reach those goals. And with the help of Quaintise, that percentage just might shoot up. Take a look at your marketing goals from 2012. Where they successful or just mediocre? The next year will not be mediocre; it will be amazing for your business. Believe that, and record goals based on that fact.


2. Detail How You Will Reach Those Goals – Of course, this is where your medical marketing agency will come into the picture to help you determine the exact steps to take to reach your business goals. But on your own, set down some general tasks that you think might lead to achieving your goals. Do you need a stronger brand message? Are you targeting the correct audience? Do you need to engage that audience further on social media outlets?


3. Be Smart About Your Goals – Winning the lottery is not a goal. It might be a dream, and you might be able to task that dream by purchasing a lottery ticket every week, but it is a dream that will not provide for your family. Keep this in mind when setting your business goals. You might want to establish your business as the number one medical practice in the state of Arizona, or the city of Los Angeles, but accomplishing that in the course of one year might be stretching it. Perhaps set a goal to get published in an exact number of peer reviewed journals, or medical magazines, over the course of the next year. Perhaps set a goal to win Best of Phoenix or Top Doc in 2013. These are achievable and smart, realistic goals.


Move Ahead with Enthusiasm

Research has repeatedly shown that a positive attitude and enthusiasm can literally help you achieve your goals. Attitude truly counts, and when moving into 2013 you’ll need that positivity and enthusiasm. Work with your healthcare marketing agency in a positive, take-on-the-world way. That’s the attitude that every expert at Quaintise holds every day, and so to it must be your attitude in 2013.


About Quaintise 

No healthcare marketing firm in Los Angeles or Scottsdale can take your practice to new heights and soaring revenue like Quaintise can. With generations of experience in both advertising and marketing, as well as PR, video production, SEO, social media, and branding, Quaintise is the right choice for your business in 2013. Visit our LA location at 10100 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 300, Los Angeles, California 90067, (310) 736-1752 or our main headquarters in Scottsdale at 7150 E. Camelback Road, Suite 444, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85251, (602) 910-4112.