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Medical Content Marketing Tips for 2013

December 28, 2012

If you want to build a remarkable brand presence online in 2013, you’ll need to refocus some of your healthcare marketing efforts towards content. Content comes in many forms, and in marketing it an mean a branded photo, a Facebook update, a Tweet, a blog, an article, a banner ad, or a press release. All forms of content marketing will need to be utilized in 2013 in order to cultivate a strong brand presence.


You no doubt have many questions regarding healthcare marketing with content, and that’s why we’re here! Start 2013 with a bang; check out the tips below.


Align Content Strategies with Social and Email Strategies

One of the greatest trends in terms of medical marketing in 2013 will be integrated content marketing. Integrated content marketing involves incorporating many aspects of social media and email marketing into content marketing. In implementing integrated content marketing, you will Reach more people, remain relevant with a greater audience, and increase overall brand equity by remaining consistent across all mediums. This consistency builds brand trust, and thus equity.


Instead of publishing a short blog and moving on to the next project, consider each blog a small piece of the larger integrated campaign. Consult with your healthcare marketing firm in Los Angeles regarding trending industry topics; topics that will encourage engagement with your target audience.


Next, research the keywords that will drive specifically targeted traffic. Consider how to integrate these keywords into the article without compromising the flow and tone.


Consult with your medical marketing firm regarding how to integrate this chosen topic onto social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Can you create branded, custom images, videos or ad campaigns based on this article topic?


Consider the topic that you have chosen, and how you can bounce many different articles off of that singular topic. For example, if you’ve chosen the 1st trimmest of pregnancy, there are millions of related topic ideas to choose from. Give your audience and readers a chance to subscribe to this specific topic to receive emails and social media updates related to the 1st trimester of pregnancy. Since readers and a target audience is flocking to this specific article, why not give them an opportunity to learn more about this topic with subscription options and social media signup forms?


Lastly, be sure to include a Call to Action on every media platform, within every article post, every Facebook update, and every ad campaign based on this specific content topic. Be sure that the Call to Action is directly related to that piece of content and the topic at hand.


Every aspect of content marketing in 2013 must be integrated in order to succeed. If it all sounds a bit too much, give the professionals at Quaintise a call.


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