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Start 2013 With a Great Story

December 31, 2012

In healthcare marketing, we often talk about turning yoru brand into a great story. Why? Because at Quaintise we believe the greatest stories are the ones that can withstand the test of time, connect emotionally with an audience, and convert ‘readers’ into brand advocates. A great story, woven throughout every platform that your brand utilizes, can turn a simple business into a memorable experience.


Here are some ideas to consider when piecing together your brand story for 2013:


Why did you launch your business? Think back to when you first started your business. What was your passion? What was the drive that pushed you to launch this company?


How did you start? Did you have help when you first launched your business? Some of the best stories start with selling records from the trunk of a car, or offering free cupcake samples to store owners. Some of the most influential ‘sharks’ started their business with nothing more than $1,000 from Uncle Buck or mom or dad.


What problem did you see? In healthcare marketing, we focus on the problem and how our clients can produce the single, greatest solution. What was the problem that you were trying to solve or offer a solution to? Perhaps there was something that you found missing in your industry, and you have found the one and only solution. Think back to the very beginning to when your entire focus was solving this one problem.


As you start to piece together the beginning of the story, you can slowly work with your healthcare marketing agency to tie together the middle and the end of the story. Because, of course, every great story has a beginning, middle and end.


Are your characters likable? This is a HUGE consideration. By characters, we ultimately mean your staff, employees and overall brand experience. Does the experience draw people in or push them away? Is the brand transparent and trustworthy?


Does your story connect on an emotional level? Lastly, you’ll want to talk with your healthcare marketing agency regarding the response your brand is getting from the targeted audience. Is the entire experience connecting with the audience so much so that they will return and increase word of mouth marketing?


The New Year is going to bring about many changes for healthcare marketing, and in order to be successful or remain at the top, many medical businesses will need to reinvent themselves or strengthen their brand story.