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Video Marketing Techniques - What Not To Do

October 18, 2013

Video Marketing Los Angeles

This week at Quaintise, we’re focusing on video marketing in healthcare. With that said there are many techniques to engage in for ROI success, as well as many to completely avoid. Videos that are created with poor attention to detail, unfocused messaging, and unclear goals will actually do your brand more harm then good. They can come across as out-of-touch and irrelevant, and in healthcare marketing, where everything must come across as genuine and empathetic, an irrelevant video can disconnect you from your audience. Here’s what not to do:

Not Having a Clear Goal

Every single healthcare marketing technique that you employ must be utilized with a clear intention; a goal that can be quantified.  In any form of marketing or advertising, a goal gives you a purpose and a direction. Without a clear goal, you are just making a video to, well, make a video.

Not Remaining Relevant

Once again, an any form of healthcare marketing or advertising, promoting a message that does not resonate with your target audience can cause not only a disconnect, but distrust. Because 46 percent of users take positive action after viewing a video ad, it’s important that you engage that target audience with the right message. Know your audience, understand their interests and what moves them, and create your message around those ideals. A mistake that many healthcare marketing agencies make is to cast a net far too wide, and thus becoming irrelevant to everyone instead of targeting a specific audience.

Not Including SEO Elements

If you’re running any healthcare marketing campaign in the digital realm, there is no excuse for ignoring Search Engine Optimization. It’s like trying to drive your car to the store without all four tires. Sure, you’ll get there eventually, but it won’t be nearly as effective as getting there on all four tires.

It’s the same idea with SEO and video marketing. There are specific strategies to increase video rankings and augment how many times your video is seen.

Not Paying Attention to Detail

If you’re not working with an experienced team of video marketing professionals within the healthcare field, you run the risk of losing sight of branding within your video. Videos are a great way to plant a bug in someone’s head and get them to research your services further, but if viewers can’t remember your brand name you’ve lost the entire point of making the video.

Paying attention to detail means remembering what a professional healthcare marketing video needs to include; among other things, your logo, website URL, phone number, even location if it fits into the theme of the video.

I will always remember an episode of The Apprentice where the teams were tasked with creating a print marketing campaign for a specific client. The losing team created a visually wonderful tri-fold, but completely forget to include the website URL, phone number, or any contact information for the client.

Not Keeping It Simple

As you target a specific audience, with a specific brand message under a specific amount of time to serve a specific purpose, you have to keep it simple, stupid. Don’t run the risk of doing too much all at once. Focus on one, relevant message and tell that story the best possible way.

At Quaintise, video marketing within the healthcare realm is what we do, and we do it very well. Give us a call for more information.