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What can a Healthcare Marketing Agency Do for Private Equity?

June 13, 2019


One of the main reasons that private equity firms are so skilled at purchasing, improving, and selling companies is that they take advantage of economies of scale. However, that requires strict attention to detail and the ability to rely on their portfolio companies and the agencies they select to successfully implement a growth plan. The more companies that a private equity firm acquires, the more important it becomes to have a cohesive brand strategy, ensuring that these companies can thrive as a larger and stronger team.


So how can a marketing and branding agency help aid the growth, development, and operation of large firms? By increasing the value of a private equity firm’s portfolio companies through centralized digital marketing, a process that warrants a deeper look at the complexities and importance of brand management and marketing strategy.


Brand Audit Consulting & Brand Positioning

There are several challenges that private equity-backed and large-scale health and wellness companies face:

  • multiple brands under one umbrella with different or inconsistent messaging
  • disparate marketing agencies conducting different campaigns while failing to share results and ROI across teams
  • non-systemized approaches to patient acquisition
  • lack of a clear brand style guide or messaging guide
  • different branches failing to communicate with the parent healthcare organization
  • digital platforms being treated as peripheral rather than primary assets
  • the most valuable digital asset base –patients – being managed improperly or inefficiently


In order to fix any of these issues and create a cohesive brand, you first have to figure out the extent of the inconsistencies in your brand strategy across all business and marketing efforts. This process includes soliciting internal and external feedback, conducting a thorough competitor analysis, and creating a brand messaging & style guide that sets you apart – tasks that are arduous but ultimately essential.


Strategic Healthcare Marketing

Customers are the lifeblood of any health and wellness company, so the most successful brand firms are skilled in the art and science of customer relationship management. By systematically tracking each healthcare marketing tactic you use, you can translate how each one leads to new impressions, new leads, and new customers.

By viewing healthcare marketing as a two-way conversation with customers, you can receive valuable, measurable feedback that can help private equity management assess whether the current market positioning is working, whether the brand style guide strongly distinguishes your company from competitors, and whether your current healthcare public relations strategy embraces the values and needs of current and potential customers.


M&A Internal and External Integration

The process of executing successful merger integrations is complicated and time consuming. From the new portfolio companies’ perspective, the change can be unsettling and a bit challenging. So what is the secret to a successful brand rollup? Entrusting a partner with over 15 years of experience who has a proven, systematic approach to the development of premium digital assets for healthcare organizations. This partnership, in turn, raises the market value of those organizations, which in turn raises the portfolio value. You have acquired a company that is about to hit an inflection point – is your brand truly ready to scale?


Marketing is essential for any business poised to experience growth. By outsourcing your marketing to a trusted agency with considerable industry experience, you are guaranteed top talent, proven strategies, shared experiences, and access to advanced marketing technology. Healthcare marketing agencies are skilled in both long-term and short-term marketing campaigns aimed to guide with strategy, achieve rapid performance improvement, and successfully oversee the handoff of acquisition once a return on the investment has been made.

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