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How to Communicate Your New Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Policies

March 21, 2020
The coronavirus outbreak has brought many U.S. businesses to a halt. The federal, state, and local precautions taken in order to slow the spread of the virus have impacted nearly every individual, company, and organization. Health and wellness retailers and healthcare providers face unique challenges as they strive to continue providing critical services and products during this difficult time.
If you’re a health-related business or organization impacted by COVID-19, it’s important to maintain open lines of communication with your patients or customers. One of your first steps should be sending out an email with critical details about the impact of the virus on your services. This is an effective way to provide information while also calming fear and anxiety.
Here is an COVID-19 email template you can use for your crisis outreach.


If you need additional assistance with developing a crisis communication plan or managing public relations issues, get in touch with our healthcare marketing experts at Quaintise.