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YouTube Video Marketing For Physicians, By the Numbers

May 13, 2014

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We’ve been spending a lot of time talking about social media marketing in the form of Pinterest and Facebook, but not nearly enough time discussion the potential for obtaining new patients from YouTube marketing. While YouTube doesn’t nearly get the praise it deserves, we at Quaintise thought it was about time to offer up some juicy numbers and benefits to video marketing on this amazing platform.

Did you know that there are over 1 billion unique visits to YouTube each month? YouTube is one of the largest web properties and continues to grow today. ComScore reports that over 89 million people in the United States alone are going to watch 1.2 billion online videos today — a number that continues to grow. –

Youtube Statistics You Need To Know

  • Number of YouTube users: 1 billion
  • Hours of video watched per month on YouTube: 6 billion
  • Hours of video uploaded to YouTube per minute: 100 hours
  • Average user time spent on Google sites (mostly YouTube): 462 minutes
  • Average YouTube mobile video views per day: 1 billion
  • Percentage of YouTube traffic from mobile: 40%
  • Percentage year over year growth for the YouTube mobile app: 27%
  • Percentage of teens that consider YouTube their favorite website: 50%
  • Percentage of Generation Z that visit YouTube at least monthly: 83%
  • Percentage of Millennials that visit YouTube at least monthly: 70%
  • Percentage of Generation X that visit YouTube at least monthly: 58%
  • Percentage of Younger Baby Boomers that visit at least monthly: 49%
  • Percentage of Older Baby Boomers that visit at least monthly: 40%
  • Amount that advertisers spent on Youtube in 2013: $5.6 billion
  • YouTube share4 of US video ad market: 20.5%
  • Average sales order value for visitors referred by YouTube: $37.63

Most importantly, today in May, 2014, people view over 6 billion hours each month on YouTube, and YouTube is the number 2 search engine, right behind Google. That alone should get your heart racing.

  • YouTube process more than 3 billion searches a month
  • YouTube is bigger than Bing, Yahoo, Ask and AOL combined
  • YouTube is the fastest growing video sharing website in the world
  • YouTube reaches more US adults ages 18 to 34 than ANY cable network

I mean, statistically speaking, if you pull nothing else from this article remember this: YouTube is the 2nd most used Search Engine, right behind Google. That is amazing, and should be enough incentive for you to jump on the bandwagon right this very second.

How To Use YouTube for Health Care Marketing 

1. Explainer Videos – Explainer videos are huge right now, and for good reason. They are short, directly to the point, and provide essential information that your patients, or potential patients, are searching for. The explainer video is usually under 2 minutes, includes simple branding, is consistent with your overall brand message, and is not focused on ‘sales.’ The end of the video usually includes a simple, straightforward call to action such as ‘call to make an appointment’ or ‘download a free trial.’

2. Direct Reponses in Real-Time – The Direct Response format is another very popular and very effective strategy that really works wonderfully specifically for physicians. Your patients ask a billion questions, and you answer all of them with patience and expertise during their appointments. But, many times patients will continue to have questions after their appointments. Without ‘outing’ patients or providing any patient information that would go against HIPAA, you can answer patient questions as they come in through video formats. Much like explainer videos, the direct response videos are short and sweet, encompassing only the most pertinent information under 2 minutes.

3. SEO Friendly – It goes without saying that no matter what video format you choose to use, all elements of search engine optimization must be implemented. Make sure the video title includes targeted keywords, as well as the description and tags. Include your website address and call to action as well. By utilizing all aspects of SEO in your video post on YouTube, you can make it easier for patients and future patients to find your video.

Video marketing on YouTube does not have to break the bank, but when it comes to health care marketing producing professional, quality videos can mean the difference between a credible brand and an economy brand. Contact the professionals here at Quaintise for more information.