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5 Email Marketing Tips To Ensure Conversion Sucess

November 19, 2013

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While the current healthcare marketing strategies of mobile and social media are all the rage, don’t let email marketing fall to far off track. Recent studies have shown that 91% of all consumers still check their email daily. Most importantly, according to EMarketer, email conversion rates are 3 times as high as social media conversion rates. Quaintise effectively utilizes email marketing, integrating email strategies with social media and content marketing.

Email Marketing Tips

Patient Journey - Email marketing is no longer about send and click, today you have to incorporate the entire patient journey into each email. Healthcare marketing agencies should be focused not only on the strength of the email itself, but the strength of the landing pages in which patients are directed to. An email is only as good as the landing page or social media page it directs patients to.

Mobile Equipped – According to eMarketer, 45% of all marketing emails are opened on a mobile device, either a tablet or a smart phone. While more than half are still opened using a computer, you cannot discount the large amount of patients and potential patients who open your emails while on the run. Which brings us to our next tip…

Keep it Simple – We’ve been talking about keeping healthcare marketing simple for a few weeks now, and with all the confusion in the healthcare market it is incredibly important to keep the message, layout and purpose simple. Patients shouldn’t have to think too much about what they want to do when they see an email, it should come naturally, especially if they’re viewing from a mobile device.

Collect Data – Each email should be analyzed and categorized because each email, just as with a website or social media page, contains a wealth of information about your readers. Take care to note clicks and drops, opens and deleted, and everything in between. Which demographic opened more emails? Which geographic location clicked on more links?

Make it Count – Flash sales site Gilt Groupe sends over 3,000 variations of its daily email, each tailored to past user click-throughs, browsing history, and purchase history, according to What does this tell you? Making each and every email personal can lead to great success. Know your audience, segment that audience, and send customized emails to those segments.

Email marketing is really no different then social media advertising or Google PPC in the fact that you absolutely must run it with precision, personalization, purpose and effectiveness. Every single piece of the puzzle must fit perfectly in order to increase conversion rates and make those email marketing campaigns work for your healthcare organization.

For more information, or if you’re looking for assistance with making your email marketing campaigns a success, look no further then the experts at Quaintise. We currently run multiple email marketing campaigns for various clients, all with remarkable open rates and success stories. Jump over to our Case Studies page for additional insight.