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B2B Healthcare Marketing on Social Media

May 9, 2013

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Business-2-business marketing is an important aspect of many healthcare marketing campaigns, with the ultimate end goal being strong lead generation among a targeted audience. There are still many in the healthcare marketing field that avoid social media like the plague, foolishly believing that B2B marketing cannot be successfully achieved on social media. When, in fact, social media is the perfect and most effective place to start.

With a slow and steady start, Google+ is becoming the next big thing in social media, especially when tied to SEO campaigns. As of last month, Google+ had over 350 million active users, and while that number might pale in comparison to larger platforms such as Facebook, that is a great number then LinkedIn, a popular B2B medium.

The pure genius of Google+ that works into an overall Google SEO campaign is it’s integration into social search results. Content that is posted on Google+, or content that is branded with Authorship Markup, has a greater chance of ranking higher on search results because that content is fed into the personal search results of Google+ circles.

Because Google+ is a Google product, it behooves any B2B healthcare marketing agency to utilize it to it’s fullest capabilities. And from Google+ business pages to personal pages to local searches based on geo-location and product associations, this social platforms offers endless possibilities.

LinkedIn for Healthcare Marketing

Initially created to build business relationships, Linkedin is another wonderful platform for B2B healthcare marketing. According to, the obvious opportunities in using LinkedIn as a marketing tool include personal branding for executives, sales development for business development professionals and marketing opportunities via LinkedIn targeted, real-time lead gen advertising.

Paid marketing on Linkedin is highly sophisticated, allowing the healthcare advertiser to target specific demographics by location, industry title, company, as well as gender, schooling, and much more.

LinkedIn also provides business owners with the ability to connect personally with followers on a daily basis. LinkedIn users can follow a company, much like on many other social platforms, allowing for comments and engagement.

One of the greatest aspects of LinkedIn for B2B healthcare marketing is the ability to research prospective clients and even the competition, their employees, services, and much more.

Facebook for Healthcare Marketing

While there is still great discussion and heated controversy regarding Facebook’s influence in the B2B healthcare marketing industry, the professionals at Quaintise still find this platform incredibly useful. One of Facebook’s greatest assets is it’s ability to reach thousands of potential customers and business owners on an extremely targeted level.

With Facebook Ads, you now have the ability to target specific business owners in specific fields and industries, giving B2B healthcare marketers the power to customize a FB User’s experience with your brand.

Another powerful tool that Faceobok allows is the opt-in feature for email marketing. Taking advantage of email marketing in the healthcare field has been shown to greatly increase brand awareness and engagement.

While there are many social media networks available for B2B healthcare marketing agencies, it’s important to select the most efficient in order to improve ROI. Let the team at Quaintise assist you! Contact us for more information:

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